130 Swagbucks For Sign Up – Easy Way to Earn FREE gift cards!

swagbucks extra code free gift card

 Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to get these bonus swagbucks.  Don’t you want a free $5 gift card to Amazon…with the sign up points and a few web searches. You can grab a $5 Amazon before the end of the month.

Have you signed up yet for Swagbucks yet? What are you waiting for? This is the absolutely easiest way to earn free gift cards to Amazon and other places. You can use them to buy fun things for yourself and kids or save them up for the awesome holiday deals from Amazon.

Today is a great time to sign up for Swagbucks because I have a limited time Swag code that will get you an extra 100 swagbucks when you sign up. Add that to the 30 you automatically get when you sign up and you are  1/3 of the way to a free Amazon gift card!


Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Ask. I admit I was a bit skeptical about Swagbucks so I used it myself for a few months before letting you know about it. Now I am a believer.

signed up and just from doing my regular searches, I earned almost 2000 swag bucks in 2 months. This was just from me searching and no referral credit. This is enough for $20 of Amazon giftcards! How would you like $20 worth of FREE items  from Amazon just for making a few searches a day.

There are lots of ways to earn Swagbucks. You can earn them by using their search tool bar, searching at their site, completing surveys, shopping links and more. All I have done though is use the search bar. I search for sites that I already know like Bargain Shopper Mom or ebates. I always get a little rush when I earn Swagbucks for searching for Bargain Shopper Mom. A $10 Starbucks gift card costs 1300 swag bucks or a $5 Amazon gift card only costs 450 swag bucks. (Enough to get a free game or something else!)

I know some of you have not signed up because you do not want to download the the toolbar. It is  NOT required to download the toolbar.  If you do not have the toolbar, you just have to make one extra step. When you are ready to complete a few searches go to Swagbucks.com, then search. It is as easy as that!!!

So how do you get started?

  1. You sign up for a Swagbucks account and you automatically get 30 swagbucks.
  2. When your register enter the Swag Code  SAVVY2012 to get an additional 100 Swagbucks. (this code is only good through the end of day on Friday Oct 12)


Sign up today and start earning Swagbucks!



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