15 Mix and Match Outfit Ideas From Target

Mix and Match Target Outfits Fashion Board - Get everything including shoes and boots for under $250!


Finding pieces that mix and match help make your clothing budget go farther. These are great for travel as well.  I love to pack items that can be worn different ways. We had a HUGE response from our last Mix and Match Outfits for Spring & Summer post  so we made another for Mix and Match outfit idea board for you.

Prices will vary over time but as of right now you could buy all 13 pieces which includes shoes and accessories for just over $250!!!  That makes the cost  of each outfit just $16.14. Yes, you heard me right… each outfit costs just $16.14.  Talk about making your clothing budget go further. Many of you will have some similar pieces (possibly the jeans,boots and sandals) in your closet already. If so, you could make all these outfits for even less!!

Links to each piece are below – Be to to scroll down to find the ones you are interested in. All the pieces have high reviews from customers. You can read them for yourself once on the Target page.

Melissa Target Fashion Board 1-5

Melissa Target Fashion Board 6-10

Melissa Target Fashion Board 11-15


Unfortunately, most of these items are now sold out. If the link takes you to the Target homepage the item is now sold out.

  1. Mossimo Veruca Snub Toe High Heel Pumps, Black  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  2. Mossimo Bootcut Demin Pants, Dark Wash
  3. Merona French Terry Dress, Black/White  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  4. Mossimo Women’s Open Front Cardigan  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  5. Merona Button Down Shirt, Denim  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  6. Women’s Woven Shell, Acacia Leaf  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  7. Merona Knit Popover Top, White — $19.99
  8. Mossimo Kaylor Slouchy Boots, Brown — $19.98
  9. Coral and Gold Statement Necklace (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  10. Merona Chino Shorts, Hot Orange  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  11. Mossimo Supply Sandals — $14.99
  12. Merona Blue Polka Dot Scarf  (Sold Out – Click Here for Similar Item)
  13. Capri Leggings, Black — $8.00

Buy (13) Pieces Listed Above — $254.87
Save 5% and Free Shipping with Target RedCard
Final Price: $242.13 or $16.14 per Outfit!

Prices may change so be sure to check the current price when adding the item to your cart.

You can return any items that don’t work to your local Target store. If you are unsure on sizing, just order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit. Shipping is FREE if you have a REDcard or spend $50 or more.

Don’t forget to sign up for our emails so you are notified of the next mix and match outfit board and be sure to let us know which other stores you would like to see featured. Also if you purchase any of these outfits (or previous outfits from our other fashion boards),  we would love to feature you in our new real life fashion articles. Please send pictures to melissa at everydaysavvy dot com.



Want more mix and match fashion ideas?  Be sure to check out our other fashion posts.


Mix and Match Fashion Baords





  1. Lindsey says

    Thanks soooo much for another one of these posts!!! Is there any possible way for you to mash the two posts together and show us a way to tie the two sets of clothes together? I NEED this type of capsule wardrobe in my life, but am almost incapable of figuring out how to mix and match the items. This is such a helpful visual for me!

    • Melissa says

      Hmmmm…. Let me think about it. If you look though you will see that we match a dress with leggings, on it’s own and with jeans. You could do this with any short dress in your closet since it works as a tunic and a dress. Also you will see that a scarf or a statement necklace can really change the look of an outfit.

  2. Lauren says

    LOVE this! What a great way to show how you can mix & match just a few basic pieces to create lots of different outfits. PLEASE continue to do posts like this from places like Target. It helps me to get creative as well as stretch my dollar. Thank you for putting this together!

    • Melissa says

      I am so glad you like the post! I am going to try to make this a regular feature. We might do some for stores other than Target too.

  3. Victoria says

    I was hoping you would make another one! I’m bummed bc the majority of the items are not available in my size :( I’m going to check back daily and hope some things restock. Thanks!

    • Melissa says

      Sorry to here that things are not available on your size. I think many people bought items from this post. I actually went to buy the green shell for myself and it was out of stock. :( I bought the orange one instead though. We will have another post and try to make sure more things are in stock.

      • Victoria says

        I chose the blue one 😉 I was able to get the items from both lists. I had to sub a few things for similar items or different colors. I went ahead and ordered everything (minus the jeans) and will return what I don’t like or doesn’t fit. Thanks again! :)

  4. Marianne says

    You are my favorite person— ever!!!! I love to dress cute but have so much trouble putting everything together. I bought the entire set from your first Target mix and match! Yep, I need help! Love this one too but a lot of my sizes aren’t available on this one. Any chance you would take a Target challenge to do this for work clothes? I have to dress for the office every day and would love to have something like this for dressing up!

  5. Jessie says

    What program do you use to put the outfits together on the screen? I love the idea of seeing how things will go together before buying them.

  6. Missy says

    I love these posts!! Thank you for taking the guess work out of wardrobe shopping for me. Can’t wait to see the next set you put together. :)

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