Amazon Cyber Monday Sale

amazon cyber monday

Today is Cyber Monday at Amazon  and  there are so so many deals.   The Kindle Fire 7″ is $30 off which I know many of your have on your gift list.

I suggest that you check out the the Lightning Deals now and see if there are any you are interested in. You can select the category on the top right hand of the lightning deals.  Some of the most popular deals will sell out in under a minute.  My suggestion is to be at your computer right when the Lightning Deal  starts and immediately put it in your cart. You then have 15 minutes to check out. During that time , you can do some price checking to see if you really want to buy the deal.

You do not need to refresh just  what a second once the deal go live and you should be able to put in your cart.

Do not complete that price checking price first because when you come back you might not be able to add the item to your cart.

Here are a few links that show deals throughout the week. These links are hard  to find on Amazon so you may want to bookmark them. The last three links show you what will be on sale all week so you can plan your buying.



Check out the Amazon Cyber Monday Sale


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