American Girl Book and Accessory Sets at Over 30% off. Great Birthday Gifts for Under $15.

American Girl Doll TravelAmerican Girl Doll Travel 2

My daughter saw the American Girl Doll Travel book at Michael’s this past weekend and wanted to spend her own money on it.  Books and magazines are excluded from their coupons and I didn’t want her to pay full price, especially since she has been saving her money for a while. I was excited to find these book and accessory sets at over 30% off.  The American Girl Travel Book includes crafts and supplies for the girls to design and create their own doll vacation.  These books get excellent reviews and they will make great birthday gifts for friends. I’m always so thrilled to find great birthday gifts for under $15. Super Saver Shipping is free for orders over $25.

American Girl Doll StarAmerican Girl Doll Dining

I found several of these books at over 30% off.


American Girl Doll Travel 32% off – just $14.93

American Girl Doll Star 32% off – just $14.95

American Girl Doll Dining 32% off – just $12.21

American Girl Doll School 32% off – just $12.21

American Girl Doll Crafts 32% off – just $12.21

American Girl Doll Parties 32% off – just $13.57





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