American Girl DVD Sale – 4 Movies On One Disc

4 Kid Favorites American Girl DVD sale Kit


Here is a great deal on American Girl movie DVD, you can get four movies for just $10.99!

The movies included are:

  • Kit Kittredge An American Girl
  • Samantha An American Girl Holiday
  • Molly An American Girl on the Home Front
  • Felicity An American Girl Adventure


These movies typically sell for $10-$15 when you buy them individually, so what a great price for all four American Girl movies together. That is approximately $2.50 per movie. We actually saw the Kit movie at the theater and loved it.

This set would make an excellent affordable birthday gift or if you are traveling, how convenient it would be to have all four movies packaged together. If your total order is $25 or more, it will ship for free. 

4 American Girl Movies on One DVD Sale

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