American Girl Meet Books for the Kindle at Just $1.99 Each – Caroline, Molly, Julie and More

Meet American Girl Books


American Girl fans, what a great way to collect the different American Girl meet books for the Kindle. Your daughters read the books of several of the American Girl doll characters like Caroline, Cecile, Marie-Grace, Addy, Molly, Samantha and more for just $1.99 each. Choose from 10 different books at this price. What a great deal for these kindle books. These are great to help you add to your collection if you already own a Kindle or you can download the Kindle App for free to read these on other devices!


Choose from Felicity, Samantha, Julie, Caroline, Josephina, Molly, Addy, Kaya, Cecile and Marie-Grace Kindle Books for just $1.99


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