Apple iPod Touch Lightning Deals – 12:30 PST & 1:30 PST

apple ipod touch discount sale black friday


I know a few of you have asked me for deals on the iPod Touch.  I saw that two models will be Amazon Lightning Deals today. I don’t know what the price will be but usually lightning deals are priced pretty well.  I don’t think you will ever see huge amounts off due to the popularity of these.

If you are interested I would suggest that you are waiting on the Amazon Lightning Deals page at 12:30 PST & 1:30 PST waiting for these to go live since there will be a limited amount of stock. Choose electronics from the right hand top drop down menu to find these deals quickly.

Upcoming Deal

Apple iPod touch 16GB (4th Generation)
Deal starts at
12:30 PM PST

Upcoming Deal
Apple iPod touch 32GB (5th Generation) …
Deal starts at
1:30 PM PST

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