Bargain on High Quality Adorable Kid’s Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards

classroom valentine sale bargain high quality

So if you want to buy some classroom Valentine’s day cards this year and want your kid’s Valentines to be much nicer quality then those you buy at the drug store (but cost about the same amount!) then I have got a great bargain for you!

You can get 75 adorable high quality Valentine Cards  for just $12 shipped.  Yes! You heard me right…. just 12 shipped for 75 adorable high quality Valentine Cards!

Here’s how to get in on this super deal.

  • Sign up for through my referral link and get $25 off your 1st order of $50 or more.
  • Design your classroom Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Add 75 cards to your shopping cart. (You need this many to be able to get to $35 and use the FREE shipping code)
  • Get free shipping on all Valentine’s orders of $35 or more using coupon code BEMINE35 (expires 2/7)
  • Pay just $12 to have these shipped to your door.

If you don’t need Valentines, be sure to browse the site. They have lovely invitations. I ordered invitations from for a 40th birthday party and they were amazing! They also have adorable birth announcements!

If you want to make your own cards this year, then be sure to check out these No Candy Crafty Valentine’s Day Cards.  But for $12 I think I may just order.


Thanks, Bucktown Bargains


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