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You may have noticed a little over a week ago a few changes to the website. I decided to rebrand Bargain Shopper Mom to Everyday Savvy. For awhile I have felt a disconnect between the name Bargain Shopper Mom and what I want this website to be. I want the website to be a resource for you to help you live your best life  on a budget everyday. Sometimes I will just highlight things I love and there might not be a deal.  I know many of you liked out great gift ideas series during the holidays.  These gift idea list can come in handy all year round for birthdays as well.

Yes, there still will be deals and some coupons but I also want to write more articles to help you learn how to save. I loved doing these videos to help you learn how to save at the grocery store and my How to Save at Target article. My metro Detroit classes have always been about how to save money at for the everyday person. It isn’t extreme couponing but realistic couponing. I know how busy we all are and want to help you save money in the easiest way possible.

In addition to deals, this website has always highlighted great kids fashion and and I want to continue that plus add some more women’s fashion too. I am definitely not a fashion blogger but I love to look great on a budget.  I think sometimes it is great to splurge on pieces you love but you can also find some great deals and bargain prices.  I am all about my American Eagle hi-rise jeggings and infinity scarves these days and both don’t break the bank. All  the fashion posts will now be in their own category – Fashion Fun.  I just put up  a post with my favorite Little Girls Easter Dresses. 

I added a Time to Travel section because that is one of my passions. I love to travel and that is why I save money on other things like groceries so I can go on great trips.  I plan to highlight fun travel locations as well as travel savings tips. I am working on a How to Save on Airline tickets article now and want to write a post about why a Disney cruise is great for tweens.

The website will still highlight great recipes and crafts.  Again though, these will be for the everyday person. These are crafts if you are not Martha Stewart and recipes if you are not Julia Child.  We have highlighted some great easy crafts year. Many of them even include a free printable! A few of my favorites  include the following.

The recipes section has many easy and tasty recipes. That is always the standard for recipes to be included. They must be easy and tasty which perfect for your busy life. I love it when they look great but are easy as well. A few of my favorites  include the following.

Plus there are lots lots more in the recipe section on the website.

The last section is Everyday Life which is kind of a catch all. I mostly plan to write a little about my life here as well as fun products etc. I also plan to add some party ideas and gifts idea lists here as well.

There are still a few things that need to be updated the Facebook page still says Bargain Shopper Mom and I need to update the Getting Started page. These are  both coming soon. Also you may have noticed that facebook doesn’t show you everything I post these days.  The best way to always keep up to date is to receive our free email newsletter. You can sign up for it here. 


So what do you think? Are there topics you would like me to cover? What would you like to see more or less of?  I would love your feedback.

Thanks for reading and I hope  you like the “new” site!



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