Bearpaw and Ukala Sale – Similar to Uggs

boots like uggs sale discount has a nice sale on Ugg like boots. I actually own a pair of Bearpaw boots that I am wearing as I type this. They are the absolute most comfy pair of footwear I own. My daughter has some Bearpaw boots that are super cute too!

So if you want the Ugg look but not the price, you want to check out today’s sales.

6PM Daily Brand Blitz: Ukala Sydney (12/6) (This deal is today only)

Shop 6PM: BEARPAW up to 50% off! Starting at $24.99! (12/5 – 12/7)

Up to 60% Off Ukala Sydney boots.  These start at just $19.99 for kids!


Shipping is always FREE too! is one of my favorite places to buy shoes and boots. They have great prices and great service!


Happy Shopping and Saving!

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