Boden at Rue La La Today – $50 Voucher For $35



Boden and Mini Boden is on Rue La La today. The sale opens at 3:00 pm and these usually go fast. Last time they offered the voucher it was a $50 Voucher Toward Clothing, Accessories, & More at Boden Online for just $35. This deal does not usually last long. I absolutely love Boden clothing for me and my girls.

Be sure to go over and browse the Boden and Mini Boden site. What is great about the voucher is that you are able to stack a Mini Boden coupon code with the Rue La La voucher making for even better deals! Right now there is a  20% off Mini Boden coupon code and 15% off Boden coupon code that comes with FREE shipping.

Here is how to get the best Boden deal.

  1. Grab the Boden Rue La La voucher before they sell out (Sale opens at 3:00 if you are not a member sign up now for free)
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher via email confirming your purchase of your $50 toward clothing, accessories, and more from Boden. Within 72 hours, you will receive a redemption email containing your unique shopping code. You use this voucher as a form of payment so you stack a coupon code with this deal.
  3. Once they email your voucher use with the    20%off Mini Boden coupon code and 20% off Boden coupon code that comes with FREE shipping!


Check out the Rue La La Boden and Mini Boden Sale today




  1. LEANNE says

    I just bought the voucher. As I read the fine print, however, it says it is not valid with other discounts or offers. Does anyone actually KNOW if you can use the 15% off coupon?


    • Melissa says

      I am so so sorry it looks like they may have switched this promo. When I have purchased it in the past when you got the voucher you put it in as payment. I just got mine too and now it says to put the voucher in the promotional code spot.

      I would wait until they offer one of their promos where items are marked down and then use this offer with that. They should put one of these up during the time the voucher in good for which is until October 22. I am updating the post now.

  2. says

    So sad… I used to always jump on this deal. I don’t think Addie wore ANY of her Boden last winter though, so no more Mini Boden for us. :( WAH!

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