Box Tops Online – Help Your School Today

Have you signed up yet for Box Tops online? This is a quick and easy way to make a difference for your school. You just choose a school to support and your designated school will receive all of your online Box Tops earnings.

Bonus Box Tops are an easy way  to make a big difference. Each month, you’ll find special promotions and sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to win thousands of Bonus Box Tops. Check back often for the latest bonus opportunities and remember to spread the word! The more people who enter, the greater your school’s chance of winning.

Now more than ever, schools need extra financial help to give our kids a quality education. The Box Tops for Education® program helps you earn necessary funds for the school of your choice.

Simply click on an activity and when it is complete, your eBoxTops will be automatically sent to your designated school. There’s nothing more you need to do! Plus they also offer some exclusive printable coupons for box top products.

Just click the box on the top of the post to sign up today and start helping your school.

In the Metro Detroit area and looking for an easy way to help your school raise some money, check out my grocery savings workshops fundraiser option.


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