Brand New The Lego Movie Reader Books and Sticker Book at 37-40% Off

Lego Movie Reader Books at a Discount


If you have trouble getting your boys to do their nightly reading, I have found that my boys love these Lego reader books. I also gave similar Lego reader books as party favors at my son’s birthday party last year and they were a big hit! The Lego Movie is coming out next month and there are some brand new the Lego Movie reader books that were just released a few weeks ago. The Lego Movie reader books are currently 37% off and just $2.52 each. The Lego Movie big sticker collection book, with more than 100 reusable stickers is also 40% off right now. These are full price at my local Target and Walmart store.


The Lego Movie Sticker Collection

DK Readers: The LEGO Movie: Calling All Master Builders! 37% off – $2.52

DK Readers: The LEGO Movie: Awesome Adventures 37% off – $2.52

Ultimate Sticker Collection: The LEGO Movie 40% off – $7.84




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