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Effortless Meals From Walmart Make Mealtime Easy

easy chicken meal


Back to school is in full force here and that means soccer practice, dance, Girl Scouts and more. A few nights a week I am busy driving from 4:00 pm until 6:30 pm. That means I have to be very strategic about dinner on those nights. There is no time to cook an involved dinner. Even a 30 minute meal is too long. I often use my slow cooker on those nights but sometimes I love to pick up a quick dinner from the store. When Walmart and Coca-Cola wanted me try out one of their new Effortless Meals, I knew this would be a great fit.

To make family dinners a little more convenient for moms, Coca-Cola and Walmart have come together to create “Effortless Meals” with a variety of meal options – take ‘n bake pizza, flavorful sandwiches and ready-to-serve rotisserie chicken. Effortless Meals lets moms spend less time working in the kitchen and more time connecting with their kids, while still providing a delicious meal for the whole family.


walmart effortless meals


I decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken meal during the day before my kid chauffeur  hours. This works out great for my family since this is one meal that even the pickiest eaters in my family like.  I also love that we always have enough leftovers to make chicken salad for lunch the next day. It is great value since it is two meals in one.

The rotisserie chicken meal comes with the chicken plus you choice of a two pound side and a two liter Coca-Cola product.  The side choices include potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw.  The sign in the deli (pictured below) showed the cost to be $10.11 but when I checked out the whole dinner was just $9.80 including tax.  When you purchase  Effortless Meals, you can also collect bonus points on the My Coke Rewards website.





I picked up an original chicken, cole slaw and a diet coke. We had some rolls already at home that I added as well.





Since I had already picked up everything earlier in the day, when I got home all I had to do was heat up the chicken and the rolls. I did that while we were setting the table. In just 5 minutes after getting home from practice, we were all sitting at the table ready for a healthy meal. That is a big win in my book!

Look at that face.  She sure in enjoying her chicken leg after a long day. This is what it all about for me. Even when we are busy, I try very hard to all sit down and have a family dinner.  It isn’t easy planning and getting a meal on the table quickly every night so it is very nice to have an effortless meals option from Walmart. Sometimes Mom needs a break too!





Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Coca-Cola and Walmart. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Family Halloween Costume Theme Ideas and More!

I love Halloween and it is so fun to get the whole family involved including your pets! I am a HUGE fan of family themed costumes.  If I could convince everyone, we would always have a Halloween theme. When my youngest was just a baby, my older daughter was in her Disney Princess phase. She dressed as Ariel and my baby girl was Sebastian.

What was great about the Ariel costume is that we used it for dress up for many years after that and even brought it with us to Disney World.  Most Halloween costumes work great all year round for pretend play and dress up. This is a great time to check out costumes for your dress up bin too.  BuyCostumes has Orange Tag Specials for only $10! New items are added each week. There is a super cute witch costume on sale this week for just $10! [Read more...]

EnviroKidz Healthy Foods with Kid Appeal & Costa Rica Trip Contest



I am always on the look out for the healthiest food options for my kids. In an ideal world they would only eat whole foods with no added sugar but I also love to have some convenience  and fun foods with kid appeal in our lives too.  I was so happy to learn more about Nature’s Path’s EnviroKidz line when they sent me a few products to try.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ingredient list for  their cereals. I could pronounce every single word and there are no food additives. Plus it is organic, gluten-free  and Non-GMO.  They are also vegetarian, whole grain, low fat, wheat-free and trans-fat free.  Wow that is a lot of great things for a kids cereal and snack bars! Just look at this easy ingredient list. My girls give the taste a big thumbs up too! The entire EnviroKidz line, which includes the new Choco Chimps and Jungle Munch, is gluten-free so everyone in the family can enjoy breakfast together.





One other thing I love about Nature’s Path’s EnviroKidz line  is that it  teaches kids about protecting the environment by donating one percent of sales towards endangered species, habitat conservation and environmental education for kids, including 1% For The Planet.


EnviroKidz Envirotrip contest graphic



EnviroKidz  has a an amazing contest going on that you can enter!  They are  sending three lucky families on an EnviroTrip to Costa Rica to help save the sea turtles at SEE Turtles, a non-profit wildlife conservation travel operator in the beautiful OSA peninsula.  Three lucky winners and their families (three groups of 4 people) will get an all-expense paid trip to Costa Rica in March 2015.


They will spend three days working with Costa Rican organization Latin American Sea Turtles to catch endangered green and hawksbill sea turtles in the Golfo Dulce, a beautiful gulf located alongside the Osa Peninsula. They will help researchers set out nets, measure the turtles, and collect important data before releasing them back to the water. In addition, the winners will participate in a mangrove restoration project, helping to plant two species of mangrove trees that are critical to turtles and other wildlife of the Gulf. Finally, the winners will visit a chocolate farm to see how the world’s favorite treat is made!





Doesn’t that sound like an amazing trip!?! My girls would LOVE this and I am sure your family would too.  Ten runner-ups will receive EnviroKidz gift baskets. To enter and find official contest rules, visit






Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Nature’s Path via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Nature’s Path or MomTrends.

Frozen Foods Makes Entertaining Easier

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love to entertain but sometimes don’t like all the work that goes into getting ready for a get together.  Frozen foods can help make it easier to get people together and enjoy each other’s company.

Frozen appetizers work great for entertaining.  I love to serve Delimex taquitos with my homemade salsa. Here is my  easy healthy salsa recipe. It is great to mix fresh with frozen foods. You can check out fresh vs frozen here.  Just pop these in the oven and they are ready quickly. You could even keep them on hand for last minute guests.



TGI Friday mozzarella sticks are always a hit with adults and kids alike. These are so easy to make and even come with the marinara sauce for dipping. These went very quickly at my home. They are great for entertaining when watching a game as well. Don’t forget football season is coming up soon. You might want to throw a few boxes in the freezer and be ready for guests!



Frozen desserts are also an easy way to get food on the table quickly and spend time with your guests. Look at this yummy frozen Edward’s pie.  These come with just two slices so you can buy just enough and not be left with a whole pie.



Stouffers frozen macaroni and cheese can even be served in small dishes for guests.


Macaroni and Cheese photo a9d19283-e7ae-4010-9d37-31027705f346_zps703409d9.jpg



Convenience is just one benefit of frozen foods. Here are some other benefits of frozen foods.  This explains more about Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh.   I love that with frozen foods you can spend your time visiting with your guests instead of in the kitchen.



How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png

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Plan Your Summer Party – Easy Party Plan

Check out this easy party plan with menu, shopping list and more. Recipe for pineapple chicken kebobs. Host 12 people for under $100!

I love to entertain at my home but I also love to get most of the work done before the party so I can enjoy my time with my guests. I hosted 12 family members at my home for my youngest daughter’s birthday. Aldi offered to sponsor the party with one of their summertime party plans. Since I already love Aldi, I could get everything in one spot, and they even helped with the menu planning, I was all in. [Read more...]

Frozen Foods Help Make Meal Time Easier

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png


Feeding your family delicious and healthy meals is important to most moms including me.  I make a meal plan each week and make sure that we have ingredients on hand so we don’t have to run out to grab a pizza or fast food. Not only is that expensive but it isn’t a healthy option for you either. [Read more...]

Best School Supplies Guide – Durable, Functional & Fun

Best School Supplies Guide with Durable, Functional and Fun Supplies


There are so many options during the back-to-school shopping season and you will love our best school supplies guide. I love shopping the deals that arise every year, but I am also watching out for items that will last the entire year. I don’t like paying premium prices for things that I have to replace mid-year and so I consider shopping for some quality items, shopping smart.   There are also some fun items for decorating lockers, plus lots of neat, brightly-colored supplies that your kids will love. If you normally don’t buy school supplies online, then you might consider picking up a few things to save some gas and time this year. [Read more...]

Great Prices on Stylish Back to School Shoes From Shoe Carnival



One of my favorite parts of back to school is back to school shopping. Who doesn’t love new supplies, clothing and shoes? Every year I buy my girls a few pairs of shoes for back to school. We usually get one pair of athletic shoes for gym and sports and another pair of more casual tennis shoes that can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

When I was a kid, my mom would take me to get a pair of back to school athletic shoes. I remember that there were just a few choices and I could choose between the red and the blue pair. My girls have many many more choices. There are so many types of athletic shoes and they come in all kinds of colors and patterns.


I wanted to go to a store that had a great selection and great prices so we headed to Shoe Carnival. I LOVE the Buy One Get One 50% offer that they are running for back to school. That means each girl get one pair of shoes for 50% off!!! High quality brand name shoes are not inexpensive so this offer really helps my money go farther. For example if you buy two pairs of $45 shoes, you save $22.50! Not too shabby.

We visited the new Shoe Carnival in Shelby Township, Michigan. It is located in the Shelby Town Center at 14115 Hall Road next to Marshall’s/ Homegoods. This is a HUGE store with tons of inventory and shoe selection. This store will be celebrating their grand opening on August 2nd with lots of giveaways including a $10 Rewards certificate for the first 100 customers and a $100 shopping spree every hour.



We headed to the back to the children’s shoe section and browsed the many brands and styles.

Shoe Carnival carries

Be sure to click on each brand to see some of the many styles Shoe Carnival carries.


Neon is very in fashion with kids’ athletic shoes this year and my girls both were drawn to these shoes. There also were so many patterns from which to choose. Here are a few pictures that show just some of the selection.





If you need help with sizing, a Shoe Carnival employee will measure your child’s feet. While we were looking at shoes, numerous employees came by and asked if we needed any help. We didn’t need any help because the shoes were very well organized by type and size. We had no trouble finding the shoes we wanted to try on. When you are a busy mom, it is nice to find the shoes quickly and not have to wait for an employee to bring your size from the back room.




It didn’t take long before both girls found two pairs they liked. Actually they liked many more but I made them each choose just two pairs. I am nice but not that nice. They love them so much that they both have already started wearing them. I did put my foot down and say the new shoes couldn’t go to camp. I want them to still look great for the first day of school. Do you let your kids wear their back to school shoes before the first day of school?

Back To School Shoe shopping at Shoe Carnival. Buy one get one 50% off! Check out all the styles!


Wondering what shoes we picked? Come back and visit next week on July 29 when I will be sharing pictures of our new shoes and how they match with different outfits. We will preview some elementary school and middle school looks with our new shoes from Shoe Carnival. Each girl is designing her own looks from some of their favorite stores which will be fun!


Back To School Shoe shopping at Shoe Carnival. Buy one get one 50% off! Check out all the styles!


Check out this fun Shoe Carnival commercial for back to school!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Shoe Carnival. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Boredom Busters From Dollar General

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Did you that July is Anti-Boredom Month? Once mid summer starts it is only a matter of time before you hear the dreaded … “Mom …I am Bored”. It is a great idea to have some items on hand to battle boredom. I took my girls and nieces to Dollar General to see what we could find to help make our July an Anti-Boredom month.


Armed with $35 we wanted to see how many boredom busters we could find at Dollar General, which is a great place for summer savings.  First stop was the aisle with small notebooks and word search and Sudoku books. Each book was just $1 and we decided the girls could use the small notebooks as summer journals. I may just be trying to sneak in a little education with the journals because everyone needs to keep up their writing skills over the summer. They don’t mind though and are all excited with our first purchases. We also bought a pack of mechanical pencils for $1 too.  For some reason mechanical pencils are much more fun that plain old pencils.


We also bought some duct tape, lot of stickers, pens and school boxes for some arts and crafts fun.  The girls made the pens into fancy duct tape flower pens  (pictured above) plus they each decorated a fun pencil box which could be used for back to school or to keep small items organized at home.  Plus we still have duct tape and stickers that can be used for more projects throughout the summer.

There was a ton of selection in the arts and crafts section and everything was just $1 or $2. This helped our budget go farther.

In addition to the books and arts and crafts projects, we needed some items that would promote outside physical fun.  We picked up two jump ropes that were each just $1 and a set of 4 water guns for just $6.  What is summer without a water gun fight?  They had a great time playing with both items. They are lots and lots of outdoor fun toys to choose from at Dollar General.


So the next time you here the dreaded “I’m Bored”, I hope you will remember a few of our items and have some boredom busting fun.

Want to learn more about Dollar General and their products?  Be sure to like Dollar General on Facebook and follow @DollarGeneral on Twitter.

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Bahama Breeze Summer Beach Bash Fun

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bahama Breeze for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-18at15323PM_zps53f4b66d.png

Looking for some fun this summer?  Then you will want to check out the Summer Beach Bash at Bahama Breeze. From June 23 through August 3, Bahama Breeze is celebrating summer with live island music on the patio and a new signature cocktail, the Bahama Breeze Ultimate Pineapple. It is served in a fresh cut pineapple! This would make a great girls night out. If wish I could head to the real islands every weekend but this makes a great substitute.


I went last saturday with my family and saw their fun mojito bar right when we arrived at the restaurant. You choose your fruit, your rum, and watch the bartenders muddle the perfect summer cocktail.  I chose strawberry, mango, raspberry and I think it was the best mojito I have ever had.  The fruit was fresh and was amazing with the lime and mint.


If you attend the Bahama Breeze Summer Beach Bash, you can participate in the Bahama Breeze  “Instagram Selfie Contest”. All you have to do is share a creative selfie of yourself enjoying your time at the Summer Beach Bash and use the hashtag #MyBBSelfie. You will then be entered for a chance to win a $25 Bahama Breeze gift card!

Here is my selfie with my awesome mojito. What do you think?  Doesn’t it look yummy.

Bahama Breeze is the summer destination for good times. Where else can you get yummy food, listen to live island music, and drink out of a pineapple or make you own mojito? Wondering how they make the Ultimate pineapple? Check out this video with more details.



We had the Ahi Tuna stack and firecracker shrimp tacos. They were so tasty. It is fun have some island favors without leaving my hometown.


If you happen to have a Bahama Breeze nearby, you will want to visit between now and August 3rd to experience the Summer Beach Bash for yourself!

Which will you choose the Ultimate Pineapple or Mojito Bar?


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FREE Apple & Microsoft Summer Camps

Free Apple Camps & Microsoft Camps

Are your kids crazy about technology…or are your kids driving you crazy and you need them occupied? Then check out the FREE  Apple Summer Camp and Microsoft Summer Camps! Space is very limited so sign up today. My Apple store already has quick a few classes that are sold out.

FREE Apple Summer Camps

Join us at Apple Camp for three-day workshops where kids ages 8 to 12 bring their imaginations to life. They’ll learn to make movies or create interactive books complete with their own illustrations and sound effects. And each workshop ends with the Apple Camp Showcase so campers can share their finished projects

FREE Microsoft  YouthSpark Summer Camps

The Microsoft retail store becomes an interactive, hands-on technology classroom, where children learn by doing. Our summer camps are designed to engage and excite children, ages 8—13, at no cost to caregivers. Summer 2014 camps include:

Smart Game Coding

Go behind the scenes and learn how to code, program, and play in your own gaming world. You’ll use kid-friendly programming to learn how creativity and problem solving come together to make something all your own.

Smart Game Designing

Learn how to build, publish, and bring mobile games to life. Make your own virtual world and bring it to life so you can create games, movies, and unique digital experiences.

Smart Movie Making

Unleash your imagination and go from script to screen – and all the moving steps in between. We’ll teach you how to produce, direct, design and animate your own flicks using Windows Phone and Surface Pro.

Smart Photo Taking

Make photos pop and learn new tricks for capturing, editing and sharing great photos from your phone. We’ll help you build interactive worlds in Photosynth, turn yourself into art with Photo Fuse, and more.

View available summer camps at your store and sign up today:

These camps have limited openings and once they are gone they are gone. So be sure to sign up soon.

Sign up for FREE Apple Summer Camp here

 Sign up  for FREE Microsoft Summer Camp here.



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