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Looking for Cedar Point Reviews? Check out this review of our day at Cedar Point with roller coasters and dinosaurs.

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A few week’s ago Cedar Point invited us for a day of fun at Cedar Point. My youngest daughter had a soccer game so I made it a mommy/daughter day with my oldest. We are lucky that Cedar Point is close enough from Metro Detroit for it to be day trip. It was a very long day trip but we had an amazing time.

My first tip is to arrive at least  half an hour before the park opens this helps you beat some if the crowds and get the most out of your day.  Next time we go to Cedar Point I plan to stay on site at Hotel Breakers. If you stay at a Cedar Point property you get  Early Entry. This means you get into the park to experience select rides ONE HOUR before the general public.  Early Entry rides available in 2014: GateKeeper, Ocean Motion, Midway Carousel, Raptor,  Millennium Force, Iron Dragon, Maverick, Planet Snoopy, Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles.

There is so much to do at Cedar Point that having an extra hour could really. There are so many attractions at Cedar Point now that you really can’t do them all in one day. My daughter and I love roller coasters so first off we headed to The Top Thill Dragster.  This is quite a ride.

This ride takes you from zero to 120 MPH in less than 4 seconds. A few seconds later, you’re 420 feet in the air. In the race for pure adrenaline thrills, there is one winner: Top Thrill Dragster. Nothing else compares to this high-horsepower shot into the sky. From a standing start you’re launched forward, then straight up, then straight down and back to the finish line. The ride may be over in 17 seconds, but it’ll stay with you forever. Check out this video of the ride! 

After we rode this, we headed over to the Magnum. I remember this being a big ride when I was a teen. My daughter and I decided that after the Top Thrill Dragster that the Magnum felt like a kiddy ride. It sure was fun though still and we didn’t even have to wait in line. This is a huge plus in my book. We were not able to ride all the big roller coasters due to lines. If you want to have time to ride them all in just one day, you will want to consider a Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus ticket. These are not cheap but they  allow you to bypass the regular lines on more than 20 rides and attractions.




We also rode the Wicked Twister. This is a crazy ride.  It’s not just a coaster, it’s a double-twisting impulse coaster. One of the tallest–and fastest–in the world. You’ll be rocked, rolled and launched into two 450-degree spirals at each end of the tracks.  I admit I thought I was a bit crazy to ride this but my daughter and I loved it! I posted this picture on my facebook page and all my friends thought I was crazy too!




We had to ride the Blue Streak. My daughter  is the third generation to ride this ride. My mom rode it when she was a teen and so did I. It has cemented our love of roller coasters. Cedar Point’s classic wooden roller coaster the Blue Streak flashed onto the scene in 1964, treating riders to the old-school thrills of gravity-driven speed and unexpected airtime on a traditional “out and back” track layout offering great, if brief, views of other major park attractions.




There are two new fun rides at Cedar Point this summer. We rode the Pipe Scream which twist and turns you on a track.  It reminds me of an updated Pirate boat ride since even though it is on a track  you get the lose your stomach feeling. It isn’t too scary though even for younger ones.




Also new for 2014 is Lake Erie Eagles.  You control your ride – from mild to wild! Take flight unique carriages that spin outward like a swing and rise above the ground. Use your carriage’s paddle to control your eagle’s flight. 





There is a lot of walking when you are at Cedar Point. (My Fitbit Zip  measured 26,000 steps for our day). That is why it is nice to take a little rest on Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad. Traveling over two miles of memory-laden track, the C.P. & L.E. Railroad has been chugging its way around the Cedar Point peninsula for nearly 50 years! Climb aboard these authentic steam-powered trains and settle in for a scenic ride you’ll remember for a lifetime. Even my adventure loving tween had fun and even she needed a chance to rest her feet. 




When you really need a rest (and maybe a beer, soft drink or snack), I suggest you stop at one of Cedar Point’s fun shows. We saw the Rockin Country show at the Red Garter Saloon (on Frontier Trail). It was a great show plus we had a well needed rest and snack break. Be sure to check your map when you arrive for the many live entertainment options and show times. 





We also visited Dinosaurs Alive at Cedar Point. It features over 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, which are scientifically accurate based on the latest paleontological knowledge. These fascinating specimens were created by the Canadian-based company, Dinosaurs Unearthed. Launched, in 2005, Dinosaurs Unearthed is an innovative traveling exhibition company that creates dynamic, multi-sensory experiences about the fascinating world of dinosaur discovery.  This area was interesting and we saw so many young kids who were in awe. Tickets are as low as $2.50 for this exhibit. If you visit Cedar Point with a dinosaur lover, this is not to be missed.

This Instagram video gives you a little feel of the exhibit.


Overall, we had a blast a Cedar Point for our day trip. We rode a ton of rides and saw some great shows and exhibits. It made me realize though that there is so much to do that next time I visit I want to spend two days so we can see and ride more.




Disclosure: Cedar Point provided us park tickets to facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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