Create These Lego Candy Holiday Favors with Free Printable Tags



Do you need a quick little affordable holiday favor for a Boyscout troop or a preschool class? You can put together these cute Lego treats quickly and easily. I have even provided a FREE printable tag to finish off your project. Kids will love these edible candy blocks. They come in bright colors and your recipients can even really build with them.



Block Candy 3 lbs. for 14-16 favors

4×6 Cello Bags

Any matching twine or ribbon

FREE Printable tag (Download Below)

White Cardstock


Hole Punch




Order and gather all of your supplies. I found to have the best pricing on the Candy Blocks and you can also find 4×6 cello bags there too. The whole roll of twine was purchased in the craft section at Walmart for a few bucks and I purchased a 150-sheet package of Georgia-Pacific 110lb. white cardstock in the office supply section at Walmart for around $6. There will be lots of cello bags, cardstock and twine leftover, but I am always finding multiple uses for these.

Print the free Holiday tags onto your heavy white cardstock with your home printer. Cut out each tag carefully with your scissors and punch a hole at the top with a standard hole punch. Fill each cello bag with about 1/2 -3/4 cup of candy blocks. Cut an 11-inch piece of twine or ribbon. Cinch the top, loop your tag onto your cut piece of twine, tie in a bow and trim the ends. Repeat for as many favors as you need.


These Lego Holiday Tags are available to download and print for your own personal use:

Happy Holidays Lego Tags Free Printable


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