Downton Abbey DVD Sale & Amazon Lightning Deals

downton abbey dvd sale discount

Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over doesn’t mean that the great deals at Amazon are over.  They still have a HUGE amount of  Lightning Deals  each day plus they always have a Gold Box deal that is available all day.

Today’s Gold Box offer is Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 Limited Edition Set – Original UK Version for 60% off! You can either get the DVD or the Blu-Ray version. This is a great gift for anyone who loved Downton Abbey.  They can watch the the episodes and get ready for season three starting in January.

I suggest that you check out the the Lightning Deals now and see if there are any you are interested in. You can select the category on the top right hand of the lightning deals.  Some of the most popular deals will sell out in under a minute.  My suggestion is to be at your computer right when the Lightning Deal starts and immediately put it in your cart. You then have 15 minutes to check out. During that time, you can do some price checking to see if you really want to buy the deal.

Lightning deals can go very fast so be sure  not to complete that price checking price first because when you come back you might not be able to add the item to your cart.

Get Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 Limited Edition Set – Original UK Version for 60% Off

Check out Today’s Lightning Deals




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