Dreamy Orange Cocktail Drink Recipe with Cake Vodka



I first found the recipe for this easy, three-ingredient vodka drink at a birthday party for one of my girlfriends. There were about 30 ladies at the party, having drinks, wine and appetizers to celebrate. Everyone was buzzing about how fabulous this drink was and so I had to try it out of curiosity! I loved it and I had to ask for the recipe. The flavor reminds me of those Orange Julius drinks that I used to get at the mall when I was a kid. The main ingredient is cake-flavored vodka and it really gives this cocktail a unique flavor. It’s sweet, but not too sweet since orange juice is naturally tangy. You can serve it in a martini glass to make it pretty or just a low-ball glass for an everyday cocktail.

Your guests will be impressed with this new drink and it’s also slightly more affordable to serve, compared to most wines. The bottle of cake-flavored vodka I chose makes about 16 drinks and it costs around $10-12, depending on where you buy it. I also try and find my orange juice and ginger ale on sale.




1.5 oz of Cake-Flavored Vodka (I like Pinnacle Brand)

3 oz of Orange Juice

1-2 Splashes of Ginger Ale


Choose either a low-ball or fancy martini glass for serving. Add all of the ingredients to your glass over ice, stir and enjoy.




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