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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids – Outdoor Toys

 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Outdoor Toys

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids – Outdoor Toys

Get ready for Spring with some really fun outdoor toys in your kids’ baskets this year. I love tucking a really fun outdoor toy in my kids’ Easter basket and they are just thrilled on Easter morning. It gets them excited about playing outside and I can hide the fact that I didn’t stuff their Easter baskets with tons of candy. We have found so many neat options. I especially love the fun LED-lighted toys.

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Aerobie Skylighter Disc

1. Aerobie Skylighter Disc

Aerobie Skylighter Disc takes the frisbee to the next level. Your kids will love this super cool light-up frisbee, powered by bright, LED lights. This durable frisbee includes a cushioned grip and long-life, replaceable batteries.


 Djubi Classic

2. Djubi Classic- The Coolest New Twist on The Game of Catch

Hook it, launch it and catch it with this cool Djubi Classic- The Coolest New Twist on The Game of Catch. It’s a fun twist on the classic game of throw and catch and a really fun tween gift idea. The raquet is a cross between a launcher, a net and a scoop, which makes this highly-reviewed game different. If you head to the park with younger siblings, then this game is fun to bring along for your tweens. It’s fun at the beach, at the park and in your own backyard. I just bought a few of these for my son’s friends for their birthday, but they would also be one of those great Easter basket ideas for kids who love to play outside.


 Melissa and Doug Kids Gardening

3. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Tote Set

Your young gardener will love this adorable Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Tote Set and this would make a great Easter basket idea for kids. This set includes very functional and durable tools along with a nice tote to take outdoors.



Stomp Rocket Jr. and Ultra Stomp Rocket

4. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit and the Ultra Stomp Rocket

If your boys like to play outside and are active, this Stomp Rocket Jr. is so much fun. It comes with an air pump launcher with a foot pedal and 3 foam rockets. Load the rockets onto the launcher and stomp on the pump to shoot your rockets into the air. You can move the launcher in a certain direction to control where your rockets fly. Your boys can shoot their rockets up to 100 feet in the air. While the Stomp Rocket Jr is great for boys ages 3 and up, the Ultra Stomp Rocket is so much fun for older kids. The Ultra Stomp rocket will shoot up to 200 ft. in the air.



Little Bunny Garden

5. Little Bunny Garden

Everything you need to start your own vegetable garden comes in this adorable Little Bunny Garden growing kit. This kit includes 6 different types of heirloom seeds, starter soil, wooden stakes, a growing journal, plus a 100% recyclable growing egg container. You can check out some of the other Sunny Side Up Garden Kits that are available.




 Tangle Sportz Football

6. Tangle Sportz Matrix Nightball Foot Ball

Your kids can have fun playing at your backyard BBQs, even when the sun goes down. How cool is this Tangle Sport Matrix Nightball. This rubberized football contains super bright LED lights that get brighter as you throw the football. What a neat, unique Easter basket idea for kids.




Astrojax V Max

7. Astrojax V-Max

You will not truly appreciate how cool the  Astrojax V-Max is until you watch some videos on the cool tricks that can be done with this really neat yo-yo-like toy. There are three balls that rotate together in a cool motion, plus there are so many more advanced tricks that can be learned. Older kids will love this fun outdoor toy.




Imperial Toy Kaos Portable Pumping Station

8. Imperial Toy Kaos Portable Pumping Station

Your kids will have endless water balloon fun with the Imperial Toy Kaos Portable Pumping Station. Your kids can easily pump the water right into the balloon and the nozzle has an easy-tie attachment to make tying your balloons off easier. What a fun toy for when the weather warms up.





Aqua Zooka

9. Aqua Zooka Quick Fill Water Bazooka

The Aqua Zooka Quick Fill Water Bazooka is the ultimate water squirter. Your kids can quickly soak each other with this highly-reviewed, very durable bazooka with the no-slip handle. The Aqua Zooka also floats, so it won’t sink to the bottom of the pool. Don’t be fooled by cheaper versions of water soakers. You can also buy Aqua Zooka Bazooka in the 12 inch size for a smaller, more compact squirter.



Green Toys Dump Truck

10. Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys is one of my favorite brands for toddlers. Their toys are made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled plastic and they don’t contain BPA, phthalates or lead paint. My boys have the Green Toys Dump Truck and it’s so durable and great for the sandbox at the park. There is even a cute pink dump truck for girls. Green toys make really durable Easter basket ideas for kids 6 and under.



OgoSport Discs

11. Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set

These highly-reviewed Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set  They carry them at my local boutique toy store and they have them right as you walk in as they are one of the most popular items in the store. If you check out the video for this Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set , you will see how versatile they are. You can play with them outside, at the pool, at the beach, with a volleyball net, in the snow,  plus they also double as a frisbee. They are very durable and fun for the whole family and would be a fun Easter basket idea for kids.




Klutz Foxtail Sonic

12. Klutz Foxtail Sonic

This Klutz Foxtail Sonic is a really fun outdoor game for kids of all ages. You spin it by it’s tail, throw it and catch it by it’s tail. Sounds simple, right? Your kids will go crazy trying to catch the foxtail. It also makes a whistling noise when thrown. The Foxtail Softie is a softer version that doesn’t fly as high for smaller children.


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