Enter to Win a Wii Gaming System – #Giveaway

enter to win a wii gaming system


Would you like a Wii for FREE?  You can enter to win one right here.

It is so easy to enter, just check out the form below. To get the first entry all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post! How easy is that!?! You can’t win if you don’t play so be sure to get your entries in today. Don’t know Michigan places very well… no worries just put in a place you know in Michigan.

This giveaway is provided by Deals in the Mitten in partnership with Stacey Says, Mom Colored Glasses, Metro Detroit Mommy, Bargain Shopper Mom and Networking Witches.

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  1. says

    My favorite place in Michigan is Dickinson Island, its a little hideway on the Middle Channel, Lake St.Clair, its a Island with only cottages, no cars, stores, just Wonderful people and Great times, you have to take a boat to get there. We love to do float downs, and go fishing, have bombfires. I was lucky enough to have an Amazing Grandfather that built our cottage over 100 years ago and it has been past down through the family. (and wouldnt a Wii be a fun thing to have on the island!!)

  2. Kelly says

    My Favorite place in Michigan is Dickinson Island, its a little secrect spot across from Harsens Island on the Middle Channel, Lake St.Clair. Is an Island that you can only get to by boat, there are no cars, stores, cable just the basics on this Island. My Grandfather built it over 100 years ago and it has been past down through the family for years, one day it will be mine!! We enjoy the simple things there, you feel like your a Million miles away but it only takes me 45 mins an a ferry ride and boat ride to get there! I wish everyone could spend one day there, Im lucky enough to have spent my life growning up there!! Thanks for letting me share!!

  3. Andrea Williams says

    My hubby would love to visit Traverse City, because he loves anything to do with cherries. Sounds like a beautiful place to visit.

  4. Amber says

    My favorite place in Michigan is Mackinac Island. I’ve never actually been there, just been over the bridge and looked at it from afar, but it looks so beautiful in Somewhere in Time, I’ve always wanted to take the ferry over and visit!

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