FREE Couponing & Grocery Savings Class in Metro Detroit



I am offering an upcoming Metro Detroit grocery savings and beginning coupon class tomorrow night! Are you looking to learn the basics of couponing and other easy ways to save at the grocery store? How would you like to save 50% or more on your weekly grocery bill? Don’t you have other ways that you would like to spend that money?  I know I do.

This  upcoming class is sponsored by  a local metro Detroit library  and you can attend for FREE! This is your chance to learn how to save at the grocery store  with a Metro Detroit Coupon & Grocery Savings Class. The regular price is $10!

My workshop teaches attendees simple, savvy tips and tricks to save money at the grocery store by pre-planning meals and purchases and using coupons to score savings of up to 50% on grocery bills.

Saving on your grocery bill is three-fold, and I believe that by utilizing the tips below, plus many more that I teach in my workshop you can save more than half on your next grocery bill. Most people don’t realize that these 3 key pieces together can save them loads at the grocery store.

  1. Meal Planning — Shop seasonally, and only purchase meats when they are on sale. (for example this great deal on hormone free boneless skinless chicken at a stock up price!)
  2. Shopping Smarts — Outsmart yourself and outsmart the marketer by sticking to “rules” like don’t fall for the “end cap” trick, and resist the delicious temptations in the check-out line, celebrity magazines included!
  3. Couponing — Use and other local websites I will tell you about to help you match what coupons are currently available with the products that are on sale to get rock bottom prices.


You will receive a workbook to take home with you too!

I will show you that by making simple changes in your buying habits you can save so much money! You don’t have to spend hours and hours cutting coupons in order to save.


Class Details

May 20, 2014

Grocery Savings/ Intro to Couponing
Canton Public Library
1200 S. Canton Center Rd., Canton, Mi 48188
7:00 – 9:00 PM

This class is sponsored by the library and free to all attendees. You do not need to be a Canton resident to attend. You do not need to sign up ahead of time just come and learn how to save. 


If you are unable to attend be sure to read this easy ways to save on groceries article.


If you live elsewhere in the country, be sure to check out this same great class being offered across the nation.  New classes are being added all the time as well.

I am in the process of scheduling more classes throughout the Metro Detroit area but need to know the best place to plan them. To help me, please fill out this quick and easy survey.

I also have a special limited time offer for groups that contact me to use this class as a great fundraiser.  All your group has to do is provide the space and promote the class to those you know and I will teach the class, provide amazing workbooks, and help people save money.  Your group will receive the profits from the class entrance fee!  This provides a great value to the attendees and is an easy money maker for your group!

Be sure to  fill out the quick and easy survey to let me know your group’s interest.


  1. katy says

    I nearly just signed up but solo with 3 kids i just dont have the time. Is there anywhere i can get the workbook?

    • Melissa says

      The workbook is not going to help you much without the class. It has a bunch of fill in the blanks from the class work. Have you checked out the getting started page above? That will help some and let me know your qestions and I can try to write an article that will help you. Are you kids in school? I am going to schedule a day time class for May as well.

    • Melissa says

      Sorry – Not at the moment. I usually just offer them through local libraries unless someone contact me with a request.

  2. Donyale love says

    I am interested in your coupon in class today is January the 15th 2015 please let me know the date and time thank you

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