FREE & Discounted Magazines – Ranger Rick, Parents, Sparkle World, Discover Girls & More!

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Reminder. Today is the last day to grab this $10 credit at Zulily. You need to sign up today but then will have until Monday, 11/26/2012 at 11:59pm pt. to use the credit. There are so many thing you can grab free or cheap with the credit even if you are not interested in magazines!

If you are not yet a member of Zulily, I want to ket you know about this great new promo – $10 credit for new members.

If you join Zulily through this coupon link before 11:59pm pt on Friday, 11/16/2012 and create a new account before 11:59pm pt on Monday, 11/26/2012. a single-use coupon code for $10 off will be automatically applied to your first order. Coupon code cannot be applied to tax or shipping fees.

With the coupon code you can score items for FREE!

This coupon works to get you free magazine subscriptions because they also include FREE shipping!!!  Ranger Rick Jr., Family Fun, Parents, Ranger Rick and lots more are TOTALLY FREE  for new Zulily members with the $10 credit.


You can also grab lots of other magazines at super discounted prices. My daughter has been begging for Sparkle World but I can never find it at a discount. It is just $9.99 with the credit!  Discovery Girls magazine is just $5.99. My tween daughter loves this magazine and so do I.

All kids love getting mail and magazine subscriptions are a great bargain gift!

If you are new to Zulily, sign up here through my referral invite since this website is members only. Plus get your $10 cedit!

If you already have a Zulily membership, click here to see today’s deals.  The $10 off coupon will not be applied but I do have a list of other Zulily coupon codes.



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