FREE Grocery Shopping Savings App – Save Money at The Grocery Store


I am so excited to share this new Grocery Shopping Savings App with you.  I know many of you think it is difficult to save at the grocery store but this new app does all the work for you.  It works at stores all across the United States.  You can find your regional grocery store in the app as well as national chains.

It is easy to check which stores in your area have the best price on different items and it will even let you know if there is a coupon that matches up with the sale.  Did I mention that the app is FREE!   By using the app you can save over $1000 a year on groceries easily with by buying items on sale and never paying full price.  If you stack coupon saving on top these sales you will save even more.

This video explains the basics.

Features Inside the Favado Grocery Shopping Savings App

Compare Prices
Sometimes, two or more stores have the same product on sale at the same time. With Favado, you can compare prices on specific items across multiple stores at one time, so you get the best price.

Easy Organization
Save time by building and sharing shopping lists for the week. You don’t have to look through the circulars anymore; just open the app and find all the sales in one place.

Top Deals
Industry experts pick their favorite “top deals” for the week to help shoppers save even more.

Personalized Sales
Save your favorite products and brands to your “Faves” list to see stores offering sales on your preferred items.

Don’t you hate missing a sale? Never miss one again! Favado can send you push notifications when a new sale starts at stores you select.

Coupon Matching
Have you ever purchased something, but later realized you had a coupon for it? Favado will let you know when additional coupons and savings are available, and where you can find them.


I honestly can not say enough good things about this Grocery Shopping Saving App. It will revolutionize the way you shop for food.  Have a little time while you are waiting to pick up the kids?  Grab your smart phone and start making your grocery list.  Need chicken for dinner but want to pay the best price?  Use the compare feature to find chicken on sale near you. The amount of data available at your fingertips is amazing. Plus if you plan your shopping trips you can save so much money. Wouldn’t you rather spend the money on a vacation, your kid’s education, or saving for retirement.


How can you get this great  Grocery Shopping Savings App for FREE?


  1. Sign up for a Favado account here
  2. Be sure to complete the form with your user name and password.
  3. Use the App Store or Google Play to download Favado to your iOS or Android device.
  4. Sign in with the user name and password  you just created
  5. Start saving big money at the grocery store!




If you are local, be sure to check out the Metro Detroit Grocery Weekly Sales and coupon match-ups here. 


Looking for how to save money on groceries? Click here for 10 easy tips to save money groceries  


  1. Georgia says

    Just downloaded this app andmade my shopping list in under 20 minutes. Now I no longer have to buy the sunday paper for the sales. Love this app.

    • Melissa says

      I am so glad you like the app. I love it too. I makes grocery shopping so much easier and who doesn’t want that?

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