FREE MP3 Download from Amazon

free mp3 song download

For a limited time, Amazon will give you a credit that will allow you to get a song priced $1.29 or less for free. All you have to do is let your Facebook friends know what your favorite party song is by typing it in the box  and clicking the blue button here.

After you do that, they will automatically add a credit to your account. Next, find a song you’d like and click the “buy” button. You will see the regular price on the product details page but we will not charge you. Your order confirmation email will arrive in your inbox after your purchase to show your discount.

We have been listening to This Is Halloween all morning. It is only $.69 or you can grab it FREE with your credit.

Remember all Amazon MP3 downloads play on virtually any MP3 device, including the iPod®. It is super easy to download the music from Amazon into iTunes. There is an album available no matter you personal taste from Pop to Country to Folk. When you click on the link below, you can sort the music anyway you want and find your favorites.

Get Your FREE MP3 Song Today!

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