Gift Idea for Boys 8 and Up, Over 40% off on Snap Circuits Kits


Are you looking for a gift for a boy that is age 8 and up that isn’t a video game and doesn’t involve some sort of computer screen or T.V.? Well Snap Circuits kits have won multiple toy awards and your child will learn to create electronic circuit projects of their own. It so satisfying for kids to create their own working electronics and these kits can be rebuilt over and over!

The Snap Circuits Jr. Kit is one of the smaller kits, yet your child can create over 100 projects. It’s currently 45% off and just $18.15. Some of the projects include a burgular alarm, a doorbell, fans, blinking lights and so much more.

Snap Circuits Green-An Alternative Energy Kit helps your child create green energy projects such as a hand crank, solar cell, water wheel, and so much more. This kit will create over 125 projects. It’s also compatable with other Snap Circuit Kits. It is currently 41% off and priced at $44.37

Snap Circuits Extreme helps your child create over 750 exciting projects such as a lie detector, an analog meter, a solar alarm and much, much more. Your child will learn about electric switches, integrated circuits, digital circuits, fuses and other components. The manual included lets your child start with the easier projects and progress to the more complex projects.

Shop for Snap Circuits Jr or Snap Circuits Green-An Alternative Energy Kit and Snap Circuits Extreme


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