Great Deal on 100% Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken (No Hormones)- $1.89/ lb

no hormones natural chicken sale discount save

 An attendee at one of my classes mentioned what a great deal this is. I have also ordered myself and love it. There is still time to put in your order.  It is a great way to get hormone free meat at a stockpile price! Locations will sell  out so if you are interested be sure to put in your order soon.


In How to Save 50% off on your groceries in under an Hour a Week, I talk about how important it is to pick up meat at low prices and stockpile. That way you are not at the mercy of grocery stores cycles. Here is an amazing deal from Zaycon food. You can get boneless, skinless chicken breast for just $1.89/lb. This is a stock-up price!

What makes this deal even better is that this chicken is 100% natural with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. I am buying this again because the quality is exceptional and this is a stock up price for even lesser quality meat. 

It does come in bulk but you can then freeze it in meal size portions.

  • Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen
  • Sold by the case – 40 lbs in each case
  • Case dimensions–18 in wide x 12 in deep x 7 in tall

Forty pounds seem like a lot of meat and it is but after prepping and freezing in my family’s  portion sizes. I could fit all 40 pounds on just two shelves in my side by side freezer. I loved that I was stocked for quite a few months and I didn’t have to worry about finding the best deal on chicken at the grocery store.


The pick up dates vary by location but they are available across the whole country!

How do you get in on this great deal:



Zaycon Foods has sales in most of the country. Just check out the Zaycon foods website to find out if and when they’re coming to your area. Plus once you sign up over at Zaycon, they will email you once a sale is coming to your area so you don’t miss out. There are locations all across the United States.  Does 40 pounds of chicken seem like to much for you?  You can always split with a friend but really it doesn’t take up all the much space once you package it in meal sized portions.  I was suprised by how little room it took up. We do not have an extra freezer and I was able to fit all 40 pounds in just two baskets in my side by side freezer!


Want to learn more about this chicken? Check out this video





  1. Jan says

    Thank you, I just placed my order for October! I am sad I will miss the bacon promotion in November because I will be on vacation.

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