Great Deal on Madlibs, Get 4 for the Price of 3


My kids go crazy for Madlibs and it’s hard to find a discount on these fun books. My local bookstore carries them and so does my local boutique toy store and both rarely have coupons. I used to play with these as a kid and so it made me smile to see these on their Christmas lists this year. The best part is that my kids will spend hours doing these together and they don’t even realize that they are practicing their grammar. I’m sure Santa will stuff a few of these fun books in my kids’ stockings this year.

Most Madlibs are eligible for the buy 4-for-3 promotion and its so great that you can get these at a discount this way. Just be sure that the 4-for-3 promotion is mentioned in the special offers section for each book you add to your basket.  Basically, you can get 4 Madlibs books for the price of 3 (discount taken in your shopping basket). Most are priced at $3.99 and if you select 4 at this price, they work out to be about $2.99 each.


Shop Madlibs books on the 4-for-3 Promotion


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