Silhouette Cameo and Portrait Machine Bundles & Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software Sale Plus Silhouette Portrait Machine #Giveaway

Lego Project Case


****The Giveaway has ended, but enjoy the sale on Silhouette Designer Edition Software and machine bundles until March 10th. Congrats to our winner Chanda C. ! ****


If you have been thinking about taking the plunge and buying either a Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait electronic cutting machine, Silhouette America is offering some great machine and Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software bundles at a discount. If you already own a Silhouette Machine, they are offering 50% off their Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software.  The upgraded designer edition software usually is priced at $49.99 and with the coupon code you will get it for just $24.99.

The Silhouette Cameo and upgraded software bundle is specially priced at $269.99 ($348.98 value) and the Silhouette Portrait machine and software bundle is specially priced at $179.99 ($248.98 value). To receive these discounts, visit the Silhouette America March sale page and use the coupon code “BARGAIN”. The sale was extended until March 10th!

The Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software will give you so much more freedom with your machine. My favorite feature of the Designer Edition software is the ability to cut SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) files. With the free software that comes with your machine, you can only cut images from Silhouette’s online store. With the upgraded software, you can find so many fun files on the internet.  I have found many free SVG files to download or I purchase files from the many independent online stores that sell SVG files. I made this cute Lego Project Case with a Lego Minifigure-style SVG file, black and yellow vinyl sticker material,  and an IRIS scrapbooking case from Michael’s. My oldest son loves themed Lego sets like Star Wars or Ninjago. Sometimes, he can’t finish a build in one sitting and so we will keep the pieces for his project in this case until he is finished with his project. This way, the pieces stay all in one place and don’t get mixed up with the rest of his Legos.


Silhouette America March Promotion



The Silhouette Cameo machine and the Silhouette Portrait machine are electronic cutting tools that uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl , vellum, and fabric. The Silhouette Portrait is smaller than the Silhouette Cameo machine, but it’s just as powerful. The Cameo can cut up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long and the Portrait can cut up to 8 inches wide and up to 10 feet long. I received a the larger Cameo machine for my birthday last year and I am shocked how versatile it is. It can cut 3D items like party favor boxes, gift bags, cards, and so much more! The best feature of this machine is it’s ability to diecut printed items like tags or scrapbook diecuts. You can buy cutting files for just $.99 or less from the Silhouette online store or you can create your own files by using their software that comes with your machine. I love being able to buy just the images I want or need for my project. With the purchase of the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software, you can cut SVG files, create your own rhinestone templates,  plus you can use the advanced editing tools for your everyday cuts. These sale prices will be offered February 28-March 10th, 2013.


To take advantage of this promotion, use coupon code: BARGAIN


Shop the Silhouette America Sale



Silhouette Portrait

~Silhouette Portrait Giveaway~

BargainShopperMom is so excited to be giving away a Silhouette Portrait machine! On March 4th, one lucky reader will be chosen by our Rafflecopter to win a Silhouette Portrait Machine valued at $199.99. Entries will be accepted now through March 4, 2013. Scroll down to submit your entries via the BargainShopperMom Rafflecopter.

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  7. Ellen Casper says:

    Home Depot, Lowes, GAP and Old Navy

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  10. Heather Pulley says:

    How cool! I would love to win one of these. :) Thanks for the chance.

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  12. Target…

  13. Target is always a winner for me! We love Vintage Stock, too!

  14. Caitlin Tran says:

    What an awesome tool! Thanks for the possibility to win one!

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  25. I would love to have all of them!Thank you for chance to win !

  26. I’ve been trying to save for another machine but its slow going. Thanks for the chance to win a Portrait.

  27. Cindy Stewart says:

    What an awesome giveaway… thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all!

  28. Tamara Voss says:

    I would love to see Target, Home Depot and Lowes discounts.
    Thank you.

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  31. Michael Rutledge says:

    I would love to win a Silhouette Portrait! What a great prize. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Michael Rutledge says:

    I’m commenting again because the instructions don’t appear on the Rafflecopter until you click the rafflecopter button to say you commented, so when you go back to say you commented, you find out there was more. So disregard the first entry, please.

    I would like to see some discounts for Target and Kohls. I live in a small town and those two stores and Walmart are all we really have. Thanks again for the opportunity to win the Silhouette Portrait! I’d love to win it and use it.

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  34. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I want one of these SO bad!!

  35. Whoa! What a cool idea!! My kiddo has tons of Legos and I’d love to own this machine so I could cut all sorts of neat labels for his brick bins! Thanks for the chance!

  36. Heather Seibel says:

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  37. Sherry Craig says:

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  46. Dee in NH says:

    Thanks for a chance to win one of these beauties! I have been wanting one for a long time but so not in my budget.

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  92. Congrats on your new Machine Laura! You will love it. You can download the free software now and start collecting the free shape of the week.

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