Greeting Cards Sets Sale – $11 Shipped or $.37 a Card!

greeting card set sale discount


Have you ever had to run out to the store just to buy a card?  What a hassle. Grab a $11 Greeting Card Set  or two and be prepared for life’s special moments – and save big! has a bunch of great greeting card  sets and right now they are on sale for just $11 shipped!

One of my favorites is the  value variety bundle. Whether you need to send a birthday greeting, a quick thank you, or congratulations on a job well done, this set has you covered.

  • 30 card set includes: birthday- humor birthday- kids birthday- cheer- get well- congrats- sympathy- thank you
  • embellishments on many cards create shimmer & shine
  • packaged in a keepsake storage box
  • envelopes included

With this set, each card is just $.37!!! How can you beat that?!  Plus it is on hand and you don’t have to make a special trip to the store.

These also make great gifts for people who can not make it to the store easily. My grandma loves to have sets like these on hand for when she want to send a card.


Shop the  $11 Greeting Card Sets sale Today!

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