Hot Price on this Kidkraft Red Retro Vintage Kitchen, Plus Extra 15% for New Customers and Free Shipping



We have had a Kidkraft-brand kitchen at our house for several years now and all of my kids have fun pretending to cook and serve food. It also has lasted through years of abuse and still looks great. This red retro kitchen is so stylish and would be great for a boy or a girl. It’s made of quality wood with vintage stainless-looking details. The doors open and close, the knobs turn and click, plus it includes a cordless phone and removable sink. The best part is that there us plenty of room to store food, pots and pans and more (sold separately). For a limited time, the Kidkraft Red Retro Vintage Kitchen is 33% off and just $119.99 plus if you are a new customer, you can get 15% off, bringing it down to $101.99 at, plus free shipping for orders of $49 or more.


Coupon for 15% off for new customers, use code: KIDKRAFTDEAL


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