How I Choose Giveaway Winners

Winners are chosen randomly for the giveaways I have here a Bargain Shopper Mom.  I like everyone to have a chance to win. You usually have a chance to improve you odds of winning by liking me on Facebook, signing up for my RSS feed, following me on Twitter or signing up for Email updates. You must leave a separate comment that says each item to get an extra entry.  I noticed some people have answered the question plus said they are a fan on facebook in the same comment.  This will only count as one entry.  An easy way to remember is that each comment equals one entry.

You might be wondering exactly how I randomly choose the winner. Do I write down all the comments and throw them in hat?  No way! Luckily, I have a great little word press plug in for my blog called “And The Winner Is”

When I write the blog post, I can check whether the post is a contest and how many possible winners.

When the contest is over, I first need to pull up the contest panel. For all you bloggers, it is on the left hand side of your wordpress panel below settings and your other plug-ins and looks like this. The first time I had a contest, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

 Then I just close the comments so no one else can enter.

The last step is click the button to choose a winner. The plugin will randomly select a comment from that contest and mark it as an unconfirmed winner. I check to see that the comment meets the criteria for the contest and then confirm the winner.  The plug in then gives me the winner’s e-mail and I send them an e-mail letting them know about their win.


So now that you know about how winners are chosen here, be sure to enter some giveaways! You can’t win if you don’t enter.

Good Luck!


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    I learned about this plugin recently and can’t wait to try it, when I have a couple of giveaways! Your site looks great, BTW, and I love how you structured this post as a mini-tutorial. Really helpful to your readers :)

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