Join The Everyday Savvy Grocery Savings Challenge


I will be appearing on local 4 WDIV  Live in The D today!  A few weeks ago,  I explained some of the ways you can save on groceries plus we announced the Local 4 Grocery Saving Challenge.

Here is a link to the video.

Today we are introducing the  volunteers who will put these savings strategies to work for their families.

You don’t have to be on TV to join in the fun.  There is a Everyday Savvy Grocery Savings Challenge Facebook group. In the group, I will answer questions, give links to good deals, discuss meal planning and more. Plus you can share the deals you find and help each other save any more. (This is different from the regular Everyday Savvy Facebook page. In this new group we will focus just on groceries and household goods.)

Join the Everyday Savvy Grocery Savings Challenge Facebook Group Here.

You can invite your friends to join too!

Be sure to read a this Easy Ways to Save on Groceries Article to get you started.

If you are local, I have a Metro Detroit Grocery Savings/ Intro to Couponing class coming up soon that is free to attend.

This page with savings and recipe resources will help too!

I look forward to you joining and everyone learning how easy it can be to save on groceries.

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