KidKraft Savannah Wooden Doll House Sale – Almost 50% Off & Works with Barbies



This adorable wooden  Savannah Dollhouse is currently 47% off and just $79.00. This would be a wow gift for any little girl. This wooden dollhouse  works with 12 inch dolls including Barbie and includes all the furniture with the doll house. I am not sure how long this amazing price will last so be sure to check the current price before you buy.


Elegant Dollhouse with Well-Crafted Furniture 
The Savannah Dollhouse is 32.5 x 13.5 x 51-inches (HxDxW) in size, and weighs approximately 40 pounds. Standing at over four feet tall, this durable dollhouse will be played with for years, even as your child grows taller. With four levels and six rooms of open space, the Savannah Dollhouse is decorated in a southern style, and includes wide-open windows for easy visibility into the rooms from outside the house

The Savannah Dollhouse fits any 12-inch fashion doll. There are 14 pieces of handcrafted, hand-assembled, and hand-painted wood furniture included with the house to furnish the six rooms. The beds have actual linens, while the couch and love seat come complete with cushions.

Please note that an adult will need to assemble the house. We recommend using a powered screwdriver since there are over 30 screws and bolts included as part of the assembly.

Hours of Imaginative Fun
Your child will have numerous opportunities for imaginative, role-playing in the Savannah Dollhouse. Children will enjoy having their dolls over for a party, or sleep over. The house large enough for multiple children to play at once — making it ideal for siblings to play together.

What’s in the Box
House walls, necessary hardware, furniture, and assembly instructions.


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