Kindle Fire Deals – $20 – $50 Off Plus FREE Kid Tough Case

There are a few nice deals on Kindle Fire .  The first is a discount if you happen to be an Amazon Mom member and have Prime shipping. If you meet both of these criteria, you can between $20 –  $50 on a Kindle Fire depending on which model you choose. You just need to enter the coupon code FIREMOMS at checkout.

free kindle free kids case


Also for a limited time, anyone can Buy a Kindle Fire Get a FREE Fisher Price Kids Tough case Just add one Kindle Fire and one Fisher Price case to your cart and savings will be applied at checkout. Offer good while supplies last. It is easiest to do through the link above.

These offers should be stackable if you are an Amazon Mom member with Prime. Unfortunately, our Prime account is through my husband so I can’t test it. Anyone want to do that for me?

Shop Kindle Fire Sale

Buy a Kindle Fire Get a FREE Fisher Price Kids Tough case


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