Leapfrog Leappad Owners! Leapfrog Leappad Ultra eBooks 50-60% off

What great price drop on these interactive storybooks for your Leappad 1&2 systems to 50-60% off. These ultra ebooks have the foundation of a regular storybook with short sentences and illustrations only you can touch on different things on the page to hear sound effects. Kids can choose where the character goes and what the character does. The choices they make can effect the story’s ending. These books teach comprehension, spelling, phonics and word recognition skills.


Leapfrog Leappad Ultra ebook Disney Fairies 50% off – just $9.99

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra ebook Thomas and Friends 60% off – just $7.99

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra ebook Learn to Read Fairytales 60% off – just $7.99

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra ebook Learn to Read Adventure Stories 60% off – just $7.99


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