Learn How To Save Money At the Grocery Store – Video Series


Today is the last video chat.  Be sure to join us. Plus you can watch any you missed!

I know many of you are not local and are unable to attend my Metro Detroit Grocery Savings and Coupon Classes. That is why I will be offering a new online video discussions series that will help you learn the tips and tricks to saving at the grocery store. Plus I even have some expert cohosts that will be giving their expertise as well.

In weeks 1 and 2, I will be joined by my friend Kristie from Saving Dollars and Sense and  in weeks 3 and 4, I will be joined by my friend Laura at Beltway Bargain Mom. These ladies know their stuff and we will be giving information that can reduce your grocery bill by up to 50%!!!  If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to save some money in 2014, you will want to attend!

We will be discussing the Favado Grocery Shopping & Savings App in all the sessions, so be sure to download it today! 

I also am giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card sponsored by Favado. Details on how to enter coming up soon.

The first discussion is occurred on January 9 at 1:00 pm EST. You can view it here on the new Bargain Shopper Mom live training page or over on the Bargain Shopper Mom Youtube page.

If you can not attend in person at the time of the discussion, they all will be taped and you can view them anytime View at Bargain Shopper Mom Youtube page after the discussion has finished.

Here is the schedule –

Week #1 (Jan 9 – 1:00 pm EST) – Smarter Grocery Shopping Habits

The first week, we’ll be talking mostly about the little habits you can change while shopping that can make a big difference in your grocery spending…such as not buying the magazines off the rack at the checkout, writing a grocery list and sticking to it while shopping, as well as checking unit prices and sale expiration dates.  Favado helps by allowing you to have a shopping list in the palm of your hand that you won’t forget at home!

Here is a link to the week one video.


Week #2 (Jan 16 – 1:00 pm EST ) – Shopping the Sales and Following the Sales Cycles

Grocery stores and manufacturers work hard to push out their best sale prices to you on a weekly basis through their store circulars. If you follow along closely, you’ll notice that most products operate on an 8-12 week sales cycle. You’ll also find that “product families” all go on sale at the same time, for example all the P&G products will be discounted the same weeks, and will return to their regular prices for a few weeks, then go back on sale together.  Favado Helps by showing you when your favorite products go on sale, so that you can purchase them when they are on sale and not have to pay full price in between sales cycles. Over time, you’ll learn how much to purchase to last you until the next sale.

Bargain Shopper Mom Youtube page


Week #3 (Jan 22- 1:00 pm EST) – Couponing for “Double the Discount”

The deep 50-70% savings that you hear talked about frequently occur when you combine a coupon with an already discounted product for “double the discount.” For example if toothpaste is on sale for $1 and you have a $.75 off coupon, you’ll get that toothpaste for just $.25, as opposed to its $2.49 regular price.  Favado Helps by doing all the hard work for you and putting the best sale prices with matching available coupons in a nice, organized list. Favado makes it easy to find these discounts and save big on groceries.

Bargain Shopper Mom Youtube page

Week #4 (Feb 3 – 1:00 pm  EST ) – Meal Planning

Making a meal plan based on what’s on sale in your local grocery stores can help you cut your grocery bill by 20-30% alone. Matching your meals with the sales is a simple, scissorless way to save each week at the grocery store.  Favado helps by allowing you to search for ingredients that are on sale for the meals you want to make each week. Want to make a slow cooker meal that calls for boneless skinless chicken thighs or beef roast? Favado can tell you which store has those ingredients on sale each week.

Bargain Shopper Mom Youtube page

If you have some specific questions, be sure to leave them in the comments and we will do our best to address them all in the videos.  I hope you can join us and getting started right this year on the path to saving money and living well!

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