Lego Books with Exclusive Minifigures, Lego Building Inspiration Books and More at Over 40% Off. Star Wars, Ninjago and Harry Potter


Ninjago Encyclopedia


My son received the Lego Ninjago Character Encyclopedia with the exclusive  and hard-t0-find Lloyd the green ninja minifigure for Christmas. Both of my boys are big Ninjago fans and they spend hours looking at this book. They love the bright pictures and reading about all of the Lego Ninjago characters. It’s nice to see a nice price drop on these books again, plus they make great gifts. Most of the Lego Encyclopedias including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Ninjago are in the $10 range and are priced at over 40% off of the list price. I have seen these on display at Walmart and Target stores at full price. There are also other Lego-themed building books and a reader at over 40% off. Shipping is free with an order of $25 or more. 

The Lego Book



Lego Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia 47% off – just $10.10

Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia 43% off – just $10.86

Lego Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World 47% off – just $10.12

Lego Minifigures Character Encyclopedia (this is a pre-order for 5/13) 43% off – just $10.90

Lego Batman: Visual Dictionary 45% off – just $12.15

The Lego Book 45% off – just $13.65

The Lego Adventure Book 45% off – just $13.76

The Lego Technic Idea Book: Simple Machines 45% off – just $11.01

Lego Ninjago Reader #1 Way of the Ninja 44% off – just $2.24






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