Lemon Loves Lime Sale at Zulily



There is a Lemon Loves Lime sale over at Zulily today and items are selling out fast. I  LOVE this boutique brand. There is so much detail and cuteness in each piece.  Most of the items are about 50% off. They are all spring items so your little one will be able to wear them this year. This is a great way to try out this super cute boutique brand at a great price point. There are no current coupon codes for Zulily at this point.

Here are some  details about Lemon Loves Lime. 

Each piece from Lemon Loves Lime is wonderfully unique and resembles cherished memories of our daughters’ childhood that we hold dear in our hearts; their exuberant smiles and laughs of happiness, their tears of sadness and fright, their innocent curiosity and wonder of the world before them, as well as their playful mischief. I hope you and your child will enjoy these wearable memories. One day she will outgrow them, but they will remain a precious remembrance of a time that has passed in your lives.

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