Do You Have Lights Out on Your Pre-lit Christmas Tree? Price Drop on the Lightkeeper Pro Tool.


Did some of the lights go out on your pre-lit Christmas tree? Instead of tossing that $200 pre-lit tree, you can repair the light easily with the Lightkeeper Pro Tool. I have had a few friends try this handy tool and they had success with fixing their tree. This all-in-one tool fixes most lightsets by addressing the damaged bulb at the socket or plug. This tool includes an LED light so you can see the area to repair, an audible continuity detector to trace the circuit to the point of interruption, a three-way bulb puller and a bulb and fuse tester. Just read the reviews on this cool tool. What a great price drop on the Lightkeeper Pro Tool to $14.90. This tool is currently $19.97 at


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