Middle School And Elementary School Back To School Outfits

middle school / tween girl back to school oufits

Last week we headed to Shoe Carnival and bought some back to school shoes during their Buy One Get One 50% off sale. You can read all about our trip and the Shoe Carnival we visited here.

This week I challenged each girl to come up with three new outfits from their favorite stores to match their new shoes. They each browsed online and designed some great outfits. They did this all themselves and it was a fun summer project. Unfortunately, most back to school clothing is not online yet but they were able to still make some great outfits!


First off, I will share Madison’s designs and shoe choices. Her first shoe choice was a pair of Girl’s New Balance Running Shoes. These are great for running, gym class and just hanging out. We both love the lightweight construction. Here are Madison’s middle school looks to match the shoes. Links to each item are below picture.



This super cute hoodie and jeans from Ruum look great with the shoes.


tween girl outfit

flair top/ skinny jeans, belt (no longer available), shoes


The next outfit that is a bit more trendy with a flair top, skinny jeans and a lace belt. It looks great with the New Balance shoes. The look is stylish and comfy. Perfect for the middle school girl on the go.


These athletic shoes also look great with shorts. This outfit comes from Justice with a zebra pink top and embellished Bermuda shorts. It is usually still hot the first few week’s of school so it is great to have some short outfits.


Madison also picked out some adorable lace Roxy slip ons. I love them so much I wish I had a pair.

This Aero tee and skinny jeans is perfect with the Roxy shoes.


For days she wants to get a little more dressed up she picked this floral skirt, tee and statement necklace with the Roxy shoes. This whole outfit is from Target.


This last outfit from Justice is one of my favorites. I love the fox with glasses sweater. The Roxy shoes perfectly pull the outfit together. Overall I thought all the outfits looked great and were age appropriate for a 12 year old. We may just buy a few of these outfits for back to school.


girls elementary school outfits

Isabel also designed some outfits to match her shoes. Her outfits are perfect for the elementary age girl who loves a little bling. The first pair of shoes she picked was the BOBs Boardwalk. Her eyes lit up when she found them and she told me that rainbow and tie-dye match everything.


Her first two outfits are from Justice. This skater skirt comes in a bunch of colors and looks perfect with the BOBs.



I love this owl shirt and skinny jeans from Old Navy. Owls and books scream back to school. The Bobs give the outfit a bit more flair.


Isabel also picked out some fun Adidas athletic shoes with polka dots. These shoes fit her perfectly and have great support but are also stylish. She is a bit of a diva so she is very into her own style.


These two outfits are from P.S. Aeropostal and Ruum. Both are cute and comfy. Perfect for school gym days.



The last outfit is from Justice and shoes how the athletic shoes can still look great with shorts. Shorts or jeans and a graphic tee are always a great easy elementary school look.


Here are the shoes with a super cute outfit from Tea Collection.  The shoes are perfect with this back to school outfit.


Both girls now would like me to buy all these outfits and we may buy a few. If we do, I will add some real life pictures.  I actually am buying the outfits from Ruum soon because they are having a great sale! Overall, both the girls and I are very happy with the back to school shoes we picked from Shoe Carnival. They are stylish, well constructed and look great with a multitude of outfits. I am also happy that we were able to save some money with the Buy One get One 50% sale.


Be sure to check out Shoe Carnival this year for your back to school shopping needs.

Want more back to school savings tips and inspiration? Be sure to visit our Back to School page.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shoe Carnival. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




  1. says

    All of these outfits are SO cute and age appropriate! I would love to surprise my niece with a few of these items as a back to school present and she’s a huge fan of shoes so obviously I’ll have to send some Shoe Carnival gift cards too. Thanks for sharing the outfit inspiration, she’ll appreciate it too!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh! My daughter is 12 and would LOVE pretty much every one of these outfits even though she is in 7th grade. She actually needs some new sneakers. Looks like a trip to Shoe Carnival is in order. I bought my last pair of shoes there!

  3. says

    Everything is so cute and bright! I only have boys so I don’t get to buy all the pink and pastel stuff. I love all of those necklaces, too- I would probably wear some of them!

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