Mini Boden on Zulily Today


Zulily let us know that Mini-Boden will be featured today at 9:00 am EST.

I am not sure if it will be this season’s clothing and what percentage off we will see. They say up to 35% off but will that be one lots of items or just a few. It may be a great deal it may be so so.

Right now the Boden website is  offering a  few different mini boden coupon codes. The best being 20% off and free shipping if you buy 3 items or more. For less than 3 itmes, there is a mini boden coupon code for 15% off and FREE shipping.  You will want to check out what the prices are at mini Boden website before items come at a Zulily to see if they really are a good deal. Also as the season go one we tend to see better percentage discounts directly from mini -Boden.


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