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Rainbow Loom Giveaway everydaysavvy.com

 ***** Our Rainbow Loom Giveaway is over, but you can shop the Rainbow Loom store below for looms and refills. Congrats to Leah S.  #Giveaway #RainbowLoom *****


Rainbow Loom kits are one of the hottest new craft kits for tweens.  I first saw the Rainbow Loom at my local independent toy store. I walked in to browse and noticed they were holding a free class on how to create a new pattern of bracelet with the Rainbow Loom. I was intrigued! These loom kits are literally flying off the shelves. They are in such demand that they are getting weekly shipments of refill bands and they only allow each customer to purchase one of each color of refills at a time so that everyone has a chance to buy refills. I have to admit, they are pretty cool. Basically, you take brightly-colored rubber bands and your loom to weave fun accessories like bracelets, anklets, rings and more. The styles and patterns seem to be endless and the refills come in so many colors, including glow-in-the-dark. 

Rainbow Loom was kind enough to send me a Rainbow Loom for my daughter to try out. We received it on a Friday and my 10-year old daughter could not put it down.  She figured it out pretty quickly, making her first bracelet within a half an hour and soon moved on to try some of the many YouTube tutorials on how to make new patterns of Rainbow Loom bracelets. I have to say she’s having a blast with it and even learned how to add beads to her creations! I also have two younger boys and they wanted her to make them some superhero inspired bracelets too. Scroll down to see my photos of my daughter’s Rainbow Loom creations. She made bracelets, rings and even a fun charm dangler for her lunchbox.

Rainbow Loom kits would make great birthday gifts for tweens or maybe something fun for those last few weeks of summer. They run about $15-$20 for the Rainbow Loom kit and about $3.99 for a bag of refills bands with the c-clips.


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Rainbow Loom Bracelets BargainShopperMom

My daughter loved making these bracelets and rings and she even made superhero-inspired bracelets and rings for her brothers.


Rainbow Loom Lunchbox Charm everydaysavvy.com

My daughter decided to decorate her lunchbox with Rainbow Loom. She weaved this with some cute silver tone beads and I helped her add a jump ring and a fun flip flop charm from Michael’s.


 *****Rainbow Loom Giveaway*****

We are also lucky enough to be able to giveaway a Rainbow Loom kit to one lucky reader, sponsored by Rainbow Loom (value $14.99)! You can enter now until August 11th.  Trust me, your tweens would love for you to win them this fun kit. Enter via our Rafflecopter below:


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  1. My daughter loves to do arts and crafts; specifically jewelry making and any kind of painting type craft

  2. Janelle Hagelin says:

    cute – my granddaughters would love this!

  3. Jeannette T. says:

    Duct tape crafts, tye-dye, friendship bracelets … and the list goes on and on. She’d love this

  4. That looks so fun!

  5. I want to win a rainbow loom! Very cool, my daughter would love it.

  6. My daughter is a craft-a-holic! She would love one of these to make bracelets. I don’t think these have really hit our area yet so she would be super surprised!

  7. Liz Lumsden says:

    My girls liked to make floss friendship bracelets so I am sure this would be a big hit!

  8. My almost teen loves this!

  9. My daughter loves making friendship bracelets

  10. Sylvia White says:

    Painting and jewelry making is the big ones

  11. I don’t have a tween, but have a nephew and it would make a great gift for him. I used to love making bracelets as a child.

  12. We love all kinds of crafts my kids love painting coloring foam craft kits and beaded jewely. We al so love rainbow loom and would love to win one so we could connect it to our other one and make larger pieces or so both kids can create at once.

  13. rainbow loom is a bit his with my 10 year old. she makes up her own styles and patterns. I love it

  14. Rita Meszaros says:

    oh i actually like this for me to make them for all my sons friends in school. I make jewelry,, i paint, draw, paper crafts, knit, sew crochet quiling,, ive done just about all of it loll

  15. I love this new loom craft kit, my niece came over on a weekend and showed me all of her pretty bracelet’s that she had made and taught me how to make them as well. I have taught my niece many thing’s when it comes to making homemade crafts and I have a craft room just for the two of to have lot’s of fun, it would be nice to win one that way we could make more handmade bracelet’s and other crafty jewelry to wear, give a friend, or to sale on my esty shop.

  16. Rainbow loom is the best! We could use a new one t our house for my 10 year old twins!

  17. The rainbow loom is cool

  18. Rebecca Rodriguez says:

    You are so right about this being a hot thing this summer. This has fast become a big hit between all the cousins in our family. My girls fell in love with it when they saw their cousin using her loom & they are always asking to have a turn.

  19. Always looking for new crafts.

  20. Darlene Sullins says:

    Scrapbooking and crocheting.

  21. We love to use the knifty knotter looms to make all kinds of things

  22. Nicole young says:

    We love rainbow loom. My daughters love all crafts.

  23. I just heard about the rainbow loom this week.My daughter would love it.I also work in a afterschool program, the kids would love this!

  24. stephanie says:

    My daughter likes to do duct tape crafts. She decorated all her school supplies, notebooks with duct tape.

  25. Barbara King says:

    Looks like lots of fun and would make great fund raiser idea to donate to your child’s sport or school .

  26. DD is into Perler beads but she’s been begging for a rainbow loom.

  27. Michele Behlen says:

    My granddaughter does projects with duct tape. She has made a lot of neat things.

  28. My daughters are very into the American Girl Doll crafts and making/decorating things with duct tape.

  29. This looks like such a fun activity.

  30. Stephanie E. says:

    My girls would love this!

  31. My daughter loves to tie friendship bracelets and do scrapbookking

  32. Both my son & daughter have been asking for this!

  33. Christine says:

    My kids love projects that are simple to start and finish, with clear and uncomplicated directions….Rainbow Loom Bracelets are the way to go!

  34. My daughter loves to make jewelery

  35. My daughter would love a Rainbow Loom! She loves making jewelry and has seen others using Rainbow Loom.

  36. Caroline S. says:

    My 9-yo loves to make jewelry and would have lots of fun with this.

  37. My daughter turns 11 the end of the month and wants to do a craft party with her friends. This looks fun and would be something new.

  38. My daughter would love to have this. Looks like a great activity. :)

  39. Sandy Fleming says:

    What a really neat craft project! I can see the girls LOVING this! Bracelets galore :-)

  40. Veronica P. says:

    I think my 10 year old would love this.

  41. Painting, knitting, friendship bracelets, weaving, sewing

  42. Would love to try these with my girls!!!

  43. Tons of friendship bracelets with embroidery floss!

  44. Angela Mazzolini says:

    My daughter lives making all kinds of crafts but lately had been making jewelry out of whatever she can find. Oh and designing clothes. ;)

  45. Jennie McEver says:

    My daughter would LOVE one of these!

  46. shannon j. says:

    Looks like so much fun–This would be great for my daughters birthday.

  47. My niece makes jewelry all the time. I would love to give this to her.

  48. jaguars jerseys leak says:

    Love the rainbow loom.

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