Reasons I Love Aldi Shopping

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Reasons I Love Aldi Shopping

Recently I was invited to the Aldi  headquarters to learn more about the company, participate in a blind taste test of Aldi products vs national brands and sample their holiday recipes and products.  I was already an Aldi shopper so I was excited go and learn more about the company and their products. Aldi shopping is perfect for me because it neatly fits with the mission of this website which is to help you all save money and live well.

Aldi is perfect for the everyday shopper who want great products at a low price. I was amazed during the blind taste that for many of the products I preferred the Aldi brand to the national brand.  I especially loved the Savoritz entertainment crackers which beat the Caberet crackers hands down.  I also thought Nature’s Nectar orange juice was much much better than the Tropicana.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons I Love Aldi Shopping

  1. Everyday low prices. If you don’t want to hassle with couponing and just want great products at low prices then Aldi has you covered.  Aldi customers can complete the majority of their grocery shopping needs at ALDI at prices up to 50 percent less than traditional supermarkets. How do they do it? They have lots of  operating cost savings and efficiencies and those  are passed on to customers in the form of lower prices.

Here are a few:

    • Stores are open during the most popular shopping hours — typically 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays
    • Aldi has shopping cart rental system. Customers use a quarter to retrieve a cart and get a quarter refunded when they return the cart to the corral at the end of their shopping trip.  This system cuts down on the labor of collecting carts left in the parking lot and damage to cars.
    •  More than 90 percent of ALDI premium products are sold under its exclusive brand labels (similar to Trader Joes) to keep costs down and are manufactured by many of the nation’s leading food producers. In its test kitchen, ALDI ensures its products meet or exceed the quality and taste of the national name brands. When I was at the test kitchen I found this to be completely true. All the Aldi products I tried I either liked better than the national brand or almost as much.
    • You bag your own groceries plus you need to either bring your own or opt to purchase a reusable, long-lasting ALDI bag, saving money and precious resources.
    • They don’t accept credit cards or checks . Credit card processing fees add  up. By accepting just  cash, PIN-based debit cards, the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Link cards it helps keep prices low.


Every week I highlight the Weekly Sales at Aldi. You can check out the Aldi weekly sales here  to see the Aldi prices this week.  This page is updated each week so you will always know what is on sale! This prices vary a bit across the country and this is Aldi Michigan prices.

You can get current prices at Aldi  and other grocery stores nationwide on your smartphone with this  FREE money saving grocery app. 




2. Double money back guarantee – If you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply return the unused portion (or even the empty package) with the receipt to the store. Aldi will refund your money AND give you a replacement product. This makes Aldi shopping no  risk! I often have people in my grocery shopping classes say that in the past they had a bad experience with Aldi or are worried about the private label brands. I tell them that Aldi has changed and that they should really give it a try. I am picky about food and quality and I have had no issue with the Aldi private label brands. However, if I ever do I love that I can use the double money back guarantee.


3. Smaller than your average store – I hate big mega grocery stores. When I grocery shop I want to get in and get out fast. Most Aldi stores have just 5 aisles which makes shopping a breeze. Even though the stores are small, they  sell more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items.


4. Yummy European products at low prices. This is possibly my favorite thing about Aldi. I lived in Germany for a few years and love that I can get European treats at great prices at Aldi.  When you look at the packaging it will show where the product was produced if it is not made in the USA. There are  lots of great German and Austrian chocolate and cookies. Two of  my favorites are Gluhwein and  the Cafe Bistro Dark Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies. Gluhwein is a delicious blend of red wine and spices. The wine is infused with a unique blend of cinnamon, cloves, oranges, lemons and a dash of sugar. Christkindl Gluhwein is ready to drink and all you have to do is warm it up. It is priced at just $4.99 a bottle.


 The  Cafe Bistro Dark Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies are priced at just $1.49 and are very similar to Leibniz-Keks which were my favorite German cookies. You need to try these I promise you will not be disappointed.


 These European Chocolates are just $1.99 a bag but look much more expensive. They are perfect stocking stuffers!



These adorable chocolate advent calendars are just $1.00 each. We buy these every year and my girls love them!  There is a limited stock of these speciality items so be sure to buy them when you can.


5. No High Fructose Corn syrup in any of their breads – Yes you heard me right – Aldi got rid of high fructose corn syrup in all the bread they carry. I love that!


6. Full line of organic and natural products – Aldi now has a a SimplyNature line that includes natural and organic products. This makes me love Aldi shopping even more! This was started as a special buy and people loved it so much this line is now carried all the time. SimplyNature products range from cereal, organic honey, fruit bars and apple juice, to pasta sauce, pizza, salsa, grass fed ground beef, and various snacks. They are also adding more gluten free option as well!

7. Quick Cashiers – You will be amazed how fast the cashiers can check you out. You will not wait long. One thing that helps the cashiers are the multiple bar codes on every product. That way  when the cashier scans the item, they’re more likely to be able to do it in one swoop!


8. Fresh flowers at amazing prices – Fresh flowers are an affordable treat especially at just $3.99 a bunch. The roses come in a pack of 6 but even for a dozen roses that is just $7.98!


9. Lots of yummy recipes on their website and easy entertaining tips and products – The Aldi website is full of great everyday recipes and holiday recipes. I tried a bunch of the holiday recipes when I visited Aldi headquarters and they were very tasty!

Aldi carries a selection of ready-to-eat items that are perfect for delicious, no-fuss hors d’oeuvres. From Sea Queen Large Cooked Shrimp and Parkview Cocktail Sausages to Clancy’s Traditional Party Mix, ALDI has all the necessities to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time entertaining. Aldi style tip: This year, try creating mini hors d’oeuvres on skewers that your guests can grab and enjoy while walking around and mingling. Add vegetables & cheeses to skewers to create “salad-on-a-stick” for a vegetarian option.

      • Parkview Cocktail Sausages (14 oz.) – $2.49
      • Grape Tomatoes — Prices vary by location
      • Little Salad Bar Sweet Butter Lettuce (5-6.5 oz.) – $1.99
      • Tuscan Garden Blue Cheese Dressing (16 oz.) – $1.39
      • Tuscan Garden Real Bacon Bits (2.5 oz.) – $1.49
      • Sea Queen Large Cooked Shrimp (12 oz.) – $4.99
      • Burman’s All Natural Cocktail Sauce* (12 oz.) – $1.29
      • Clancy’s Traditional or Cheddar Party Mix (15 oz.) – $ 2.29

An assortment of gourmet and artisan cheeses makes for an effortless party platter at your holiday party and is also a great complement to Aldi award-winning wines. Aldi has a wide variety of cheeses available this holiday season, including Specially Selected Brie, Specially Selected Edam and Specially Selected Gouda, all for less than $3.00. Aldi style tip: Serve with crackers and a variety of fresh or dried fruit for a spread that is sure to please all palates.

      • Savoritz Entertainment Crackers (7-8 oz.) – $1.49  ( I LOVE these great taste, great looking AND a great price!)
      • Specially Selected Brie Cheese Round (8 oz.) – $2.99
      • Specially Selected Gouda, Edam or Smoked Gouda (7 oz.) – $2.99
      • Happy Farms Cheese Cubes (Mild Cheddar or Colby Jack) (8 oz.) – $1.99
      • Specially Selected Havarti (8 oz.) – $2.99
      • Specially Selected Goat Cheese Logs (4 oz.) – $1.99



10. Special Buys -These are limited-time offers of products that score you huge savings, but are only available while supplies last. Special buys  can include anything from kitchenware and electronics to clothing, toys and furniture.  Be sure to check out the center aisle where they usually keep the special buys. They are often seasonal so you will find sand toys in the summer and wrapping paper in December.  Stocks are limited, so to ensure you don’t miss out, I  recommend visiting ALDI as early as possible when new special buys go on sale.


I hope these 10 reason why I Aldi shopping were helpful. So do you shop Aldi now? Why or why not?  What are your favorite Aldi products?  Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer:  ALDI sponsored my trip to Chicago to participate in the Test Kitchen event. All opinions are 100%  my own, as always. 




  1. Felicia says

    I usually shop at the big grocery store chains. But after reading your article, I will have to give Aldi a try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Juliet says

    When I “had” to shop at Aldi’s in the 90’s I felt deprived. Now I LOVE that I can do almost ALL of my grocery shopping there. Seriously, I only need to go to the big store maybe once a month. Aldi’s has great variety, great products and great prices. I buy cases of stuff they only carry seasonally like cocoa powder, green chilies, soy sauce, etc. That way I don’t have to pay double later.

    • Melissa says

      Yes, most items are but some are imported. You can see on the package where the products are made. If it doesn’t say anything then they are produced in the USA. iF they are produced elsewhere it will be noted on the packaging. For example on the cookies I like to buy, the box says imported from Germany.

  3. Sarah says

    Great post – we love Aldi! Our family has saved a TON of money by shopping there. We always buy enough of the seasonal items to last us for several months. And the quality of the food there is fantastic. I especially love their Baker’s Corner bread mixes. :)

  4. says

    I love this post!! Aldi is one of my favorite places to shop. We have saved a ton just from getting certain items from there. It’s super small and convenient which I love AND I can get a lot of the organize products we love as well! Thanks for the additional info about Aldi that I didn’t know about!

    • Melissa says

      Hi Christine –

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. Aldi has a bad reputation in some areas and I always urge people to try it out. They usually are surprised by how much they like it.

      Thanks again!


  5. Jeanne St. James says

    I have one right near my house. I’m going to try it out. I only buy organic, so I hope they have plenty of organic. And I only buy grass fed, antibiotic free meat. I’m definitely excited to see what they carry.

  6. Tobiann says

    My girlfriend introduced me to this store while on vacation in Michigan. I loved it! The produce is outstanding. Everything we bought, all Aldi’s brands, were just as good if not better than the same national brand product. They have a large selection of healthy choices throughout the store. My only complaint is that the closest one to me in Nebraska is 5 1/2 hours away. Not exactly cost effective to drive that far to do my grocery shopping :( I wish we could entice the powers that be to put a store out here!

  7. Alisha says

    I totally agree with you!!!!!!! I am gluten intolerant. The majority of their chips are gluten free and amazing.

  8. Gwen says

    I lived in Germany for 3 yrs and luckily I had an Aldi nearby. I loved shopping there and shopped there only return trips.
    On a recent trip to the east coast I say there were Aldi stores, so far none in CA to my knowledge. One can hope!

  9. says

    Your post made me check out Aldi’s and I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it was our store but most of the produce was outside of the US and not in the best of shape. The meat also seemed way overpriced. I will say however that the dairy prices were amazing! Maybe its not the best for people like me who stock up at Sam’s Club on necessities and make everything I can from scratch. That and I’m trying to more religiously shop sales on produce and meat between Kroger and Meijer. I will say though that our Aldi’s does accept credit cards and doesn’t let you bag your own food. Your store in the picture also looks soooo much nicer. Ours had maybe 5 large aisles and was a bit on the dirty size. Maybe I just need to try another one?

    • Melissa says

      I am so sorry you had a bag experience. I will say that I do think that Aldi stores vary. I have two near me and one is much much nicer than the other. You may want to try another one and see if it is better. I am shocked that they let you use a credit card and bagged for you. Are you 100% sure you were at Aldi? I have never known an Aldi where they bag for you. What location were you at?

      • says

        Yes, it was the Aldi’s in Erlanger, KY – we paid with an AMEX. Maybe its something new they are testing? We are oddballs, we pay all of our bills on a credit card and pay it off each month for the extra cash back 😉 I will try a different location and see if we have different results! Thank you so much for replying back!

        • Melissa says

          I hope the next one you try is better. Interesting on the credit card. You are right maybe they are testing it at that location.

  10. chris says

    I have loved and shopped Aldi for many years on a weekly basis. When we moved to Tennessee for our retirement we now have to travel over 50 miles to get to the nearest Aldi. We still make the trip to shop there, but it is on a limited basis. Please Aldi more stores in Tennessee..

  11. Amy says

    I love Aldi! I bought a great cast iron pot (le creuset type) for less than a quarter the cost of similiar pots and LOVE IT! I always watch for those kinds of deals there. Got my rice cooker there too!

  12. Edith Wagner says

    I have been shopping at Aldi for over 40 years. I used to go to Germany several times a year, now about once a year but Aldi is always a first choice. I rejoiced when Aldi arrived in Milwaukee some years ago. I like that there are not long aisles of cereal or candy or soda: one and done! I eat very few canned goods but get their beans when I’m in a hurry: always filled to the top, unlike name brands that even warn that the product may have settled. No place to settle in Aldi cans: they’re full. The chips are to die for: far better and far less expensive than others. Produce can be limited in choice but there are all the basics and it’s all great at great prices. Almost everything is 50% less: that’s amazing.
    Strategy for shopping at Aldi: you have to go to Aldi first because they do not have everything like fresh deli where you can buy less than a pound, favorite soda, hot bakery, produce that is not pre-packaged so i can buy one jalapeno, not a bag full. Their chocolate and yogurt and brie are all great! Their seasonal and ethnic specials are also great.
    Staff is consistently pleasant and have been there for a long time. Methinks they may be treated and perhaps paid well!

  13. Kathy Wilder says

    I LOVE Aldi! When I talk to people about Aldi, I am amazed that they’ve never been there, because they think it’s a cheap low-end product store. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you have shown us here! They carry top-quality products, many of which I prefer to those in higher-priced stores, and you can find organic products, gluten-free products, and dairy-free products. Their hummus is $2 cheaper than the regular grocery stores, their organic coconut oil is half the price of natural foods stores, and my grocery bill at Aldi is roughly half of what it would be at our other groceries. And I love that it’s so small – no trekking from one end to the other of the larger stores! They get an A+ from me! Thanks for letting more people know about it!

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