Salt Water Sandal Sale with Many Styles and Colors Marked down to 25-35% off with a Possible Additional 15-20% Off

Saltwater Sandals BargainShopperMom


I loved these cute Salt Water Sandals for my daughter when she was little. My favorites for her were the white and pink Sweetheart and Surfer Styles, but I just love the gold ones too. Amazon has some great deals on these sandals. Many styles and colors are marked down to 25-35% off. There are several colors and styles that are around $22 after the discount. There are two potential coupons for additional savings. If you sign up for Amazon’s shoe emails (link on the product page in “special offers”), they will send you a 20% off coupon to spend on shoes. Or, you can use the coupon SANDAL13 , which will take 15% off a $75 sandal purchase. If your order is $25 or more, your order will ship for free and any shoes that are sold and fullfilled by are eligible for free returns. 


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