Save on Detroit Free Press Newspaper Subscription with Special Discount!

detroit free press discount subscription


I am excited to share that you can now save on your Detroit Free Press newspaper subscription with our special discount code. The coupons in the Sunday newspaper are a great way to save and now you can even save on the newspaper subscription itself!

The special offer is just $7.50 per month for the first three months! The regular price of the Sunday only subscription is $15 a month so this is an amazing deal. You can save much more than this each week by using coupons.

With this special, you will get the the Thursday, Friday, and Sunday home delivery plus 7 day access to the e-Edition.

To claim your discounted subscription

Head to Detroit Free Press Discounted Subscription

Enter code SM at subscription page to qualify for the discounted newspaper subscription.

This special offer is good only for new subscribers.


Get the best deal on discounted Detroit Free Press subscriptions here

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