Select Skylanders Giants Figures at 40% off and Just $5.99


My boys got Skylanders for the Wii from Santa and it was a big hit. They spent a few hours on Christmas day playing Skylanders with their uncles. Do you need a few more figures to play with your Skylanders Giants game? These figures work on any platform of Skylanders Giants. These would be great birthday gifts, Easter basket gifts or treats for good behavior. A few select figures are 40% off and just $5.99. Free super-saver shipping for orders of $25 or more. Both Sonic Boom and Stump Smash have a special offer (no code required) for free shipping, no minimum purchase, that shows up in your basket for those items only.


Skylanders Giants Grill Grunt 40% off – just $5.99

Skylanders Giants Double Trouble 40% off – just $5.99

Skylanders Giants Drill Sergeant 40% off – just $5.99

Skylanders Giants Sonic Boom 40% off – just $5.99

Skylanders Giants Stump Smash 40% off – just $5.99



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