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Silhouette Cameo Machine Giveaway Worth $299 #Giveaway

Floating Ornament Made with a Silhouette Cameo

****Congrats to Lanicsha W. , Our Cameo Winner****

It’s no secret that my favorite crafting toy is my Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine. With some inspiration from Pinterest, I decided to make this really pretty,  floating glass ornament. I bought some plain, glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I used my Cameo to cut a piece of one of those clear transparency sheets from the office supply store. It has a notch at the top to hold it into place. I cut Santa’s Sleigh out of black vinyl and applied it to my transparency insert. I rolled up my transparency and tucked it inside my ornament, and then added some fun snowflakes from the craft store. To give you an idea of how detailed the Cameo can cut, the vinyl is only 3/4 of an inch tall!


Getting Started with Vinyl for Electronic Cutting Machines

To get started with vinyl for your Silhouette machine, check out our resources and tips on working with different types of vinyl!

Getting Started with Vinyl – Tips and Tricks




Video Game Xbox Card Silhouette SVG BargainShopperMom

You can make so many cool things with Silhouette Designer Edition software like this cool Xbox Card. I found this free SVG from Birds Cards.

****Silhouette Cameo Giveaway ****


Cameo Flower

BargainShopperMom is so excited to be giving away a Silhouette Cameo machine, sponsored by Silhouette America to celebrate their upcoming Black Friday sale. On November 28th, one lucky reader will be chosen by our Rafflecopter to win a Silhouette Cameo Machine valued at $299. Entries will be accepted now through November 28, 2013. Scroll down to submit your entries via the BargainShopperMom Rafflecopter. ***Open to U.S. Residents only ***

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I have read so much about the Cameo, what a awesome Christmas gift that would be! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Audra Taliaferro says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! There’s an endless amount of fun I could have with it!

  3. Oh, I love this ornament and you have given me all sorts of ideas! Thanks for the giveaway! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  4. Tilly Pacheco says:

    I am wanting to buy Darice embossing mats and extra red and green card stock. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to win a Silhuette Cameo machine..?? Come on now Santa !!! Wishes for Peace someday???

  5. I really want Cameo machine to do rhinestone designing with for my granddaughters! I have seen some amazing things done with this machine!

  6. Winning a Cameo would be a dream come true!

  7. I would love to make home decor. thanks

  8. I LOVE this machine!

  9. I would love to give this to my very Crafty Wife!

  10. So very excited about this give away! It would be an awesome tool for my classes!

  11. What an awesome thing to do just before the holidays offer up a Cameo to some lucky crafter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bless you. I would love to have one for my card creations.

  12. I would love love love this machine! I know so many people who use it and love it!

  13. Great giveaway. I would be thrilled if Santa left this under the tree. But I am shopping for a great deal on Skylanders Swap Force (#1 on my son’s Santa list) and a tablet for my daughter so she can easily access her recommended educational websites.

  14. What a great giveaway of an amazing machine!

  15. I would love to win one of these

  16. I really want to upgrade from the Cricut to the Cameo soon!

  17. I really want to upgrade from the Cricut to the Cameo soon!

  18. JEANAE EDWARDS says:

    Great giveaway and awesome blog!!!!

  19. I am looking for a Cameo this Christmas, I wore out one already.

  20. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! Some lucky person is going to be ecstatic!

  21. Stacie Gatzemeyer says:

    I’ve just recently become acquainted with the Sihoutte Cameo and fell in love with it! Would love to get it for free!!!

  22. Ohhhh would love to win a cameo! Thanks for the chance.

  23. The holidays can be such a gracious and loving time of the year. This Cameo is going to add joy to someone’s life.

  24. This year I am mostly shopping for crafting supplies for Christmas. A lot of major family events happened this year (moves, weddings, etc.) so I am creating a lot of framed scrapbook pages for Christmas gifts. This would be a fantastic edition to my scrapbooking/crafting endeavors. :)

  25. What a great prize! I would love to win.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great week!

  26. Delores Holt says:

    Great giveaway! Would love to win!

  27. What a wonderful way to find your site! TY!

  28. I would love to have this Cameo!

  29. WOW, so awesome that this is being done. Would be great to win since mine quit working. But no matter who wins, THANK YOU for doing this to help someone out!!

  30. A Silhouette Cameo? Now that would make one nice holiday gift!

  31. Wow! Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win a Cameo.

  32. I am all done shopping for Christmas except for one gift! I’m on the hunt for something for a very hard to buy for guy. No clue at this moment what I’m even looking for!
    Would love to win this!

  33. Shopping for two TV’s and a nook…hoping to find great deals on all! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. i’m shopping for great deals on men’s gifts this year

  35. Jessica Hornibrook says:

    Electronics for my husband!

  36. Looking for new crafting tools

  37. This would be a perfect Merry Christmas to Me gift!

  38. I have been waiting to buy a Silhouette. Can’t wait to see the deal (or I hope I win!).

  39. I’m hoping to find some good deals on a suit for my sister. She is graduating college in May and I’d like to get her a suit for interviews this spring. I’d also like to find some good deals on Iowa Hawkeye gear for my husband.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’ve wanted a Silhouette machine for a long time to add monograms and other personal touches to gifts.

  40. I’m dying to get my hands on this machine!

  41. Debbie Handley says:

    What a wonderfully generous giveaway! I would love to win this Silhouette machine for my scrapbooking.

  42. bryan clark says:

    ps4 but probly not going to happen

  43. I really want a good deal on a Cameo and a Serger! Thanks!

  44. We were just talking about this! We are looking for a sewing machine, nabi tablet and vinyl. :)

  45. carrie elliott says:

    I would love to win this! I am hoping for a good deal on a punching bag this Christmas.

  46. I was gonna get a Cameo for my Christmas present, but getting it through a giveaway would be even better!

  47. Jessica Dobbs says:

    I’m trying to find unique gifts for the people I love… I have no idea what they are yet :/





  50. I could find a bunch of great gifts here.

  51. I’m shopping for a tablet this Christmas & I hope I can find a good deal.

  52. Robyn Josephs says:

    a cameo would look good under my tree Christmas morning!

  53. Robyn Josephs says:

    I’ll be looking for deals on mats and blades if I win the cameo!

  54. I’m hoping to find a great deal on a Keurig! I probably won’t use the actual K-cups, but instead I’ll use the little addition that allows you to use your own coffee grounds. :) Gifts for other people? I’m having a really hard time this year. Normally I have most of my Christmas shopping DONE by now!

  55. I’m not at liberty to say what I’m shopping for this season! Let’s just say, I’m praying for some good Barnes and Noble coupons or some good deals/coupons at Toys R Us!

  56. I’m looking for homemade gifts and a Cameo for me!

  57. Great giveaway! My daughters love to craft ! I’m looking for good gift ideas for 8 year old boys and Grandmaa!!!

  58. I have been researching Cameos lately and they look like wonderful machines!

  59. I want to make lots of crafts !!!

  60. I’m watching for sales on a Lalaloopsy doll for my daughter.

  61. I’d love to find a deal on an iPad.

  62. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I would love to find a great deal on a tablet, but sadly I’m asking for a nice trash can for Christmas, LOL.

  63. I’d love to find any kind of art or craft supplies.

  64. Pamela Zollman says:

    This is an amazing give away.

  65. I’d love to get a Cameo for my sister.

  66. Robin Plummer says:

    I would LOVE to win the Cameo. So many things I could make with this.

  67. Darlene Sullins says:

    I’m hoping to find a good deal on a printer and other electronics >.<

  68. I have wanted the cameo for sooooo long, would love to win it. Thank you for the chance.

  69. I am hoping to find a great deal on a new sewing machine as well as some video games that my kids have been wanting.

  70. Tracy Foley says:

    My friend has a Cameo and takes about it all the time. I would love to have one but just can’t afford it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. naomi winkel says:

    I want a ninja

  72. Vickie Thornton says:

    I am shopping for a Loving Family Doll House, I hope to find a very special deal on this!

  73. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I need a good deal on a printer for my mom and also on womens clothing. I’m giving gift cards mainly.

  74. would love to make some custom labels!

  75. tammy shelton says:

    My Grands are wanting a Disney Infinity, Furby Booms & Video Games & Electric Scooters.

  76. I love Silhouette products!

  77. My friend owns a Cameo and she loves it! Would be fun to have one at my place too :-)

  78. I’m shopping for lots of bargain items for my daughter for her first apartment. She is starting with very little so kitchenware, lamps, bedding, blankets, etc.

  79. Nothing in particular that I’m looking for this season…but if I see some good deals on thins I’ll strike! :)

  80. I am looking for a 3DS for my youngest and hoping to find a good deal on one! I would love to win this for myself!!

  81. I’ll be looking out for deals on a tablet. It would be so much easier than carrying around my clunky laptop everywhere.

  82. I love to make and give things from the heart I watch and listen to everything everyone comments or admires then I try to think of what will fit that particular person it is really a gift for me to see their surprise and it can be quirky or off the wall as it makes it more fun to see the sparkle in their eyes I love to find a bargain and love coupons

  83. I am shopping for blue-ray player for my son.

  84. I already bought a Mickey and Minnie plush on sale for my daughter! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  85. Thomas Murphy says:

    I am shopping for a laptop I could use a deal on.

  86. Rebecca Brewer says:

    We’re doing a lot of homemade gifts and locally crafted gifts. It does make finding deals a little hard, so we’re looking for deals on craft supplies. Thanks

  87. I would love to find some deals on KitchenAid accessories. There are a lot of fun add ons that my husband would love to have- he is our baker.

  88. I’ll be shopping for craft supplies.

  89. I’m in wreath-making mode for gifts right now, so I’m hunting for good deals on craft supplies!

  90. I’m hoping for a deal on the Lego Castle jousting castle.

  91. I have a 12 year old son, so he wants Xbox games and I definitely need to get a deal on them since they are a fortune!

  92. My movie making son needs a new computer monitor for his homemade hackintosh, so I am looking for a good high quality monitor that doesn’t break the bank. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  93. I am hoping to find some good deals on different video games and systems!

  94. Toys for my son!!

  95. I am shopping for an electric fireplace for my daughter’s apartment.

  96. Would love to win one. I have seen a friend use one and they are so versatile!!!!!!

  97. I am shopping for some of the latest Xbox games that I’m hoping to find a good deal on. Also some hunting gear for the hubs!

  98. man’s clothes and accessories — for my father, brothers and fiancé who never get themselves anything nice to wear ;)

  99. Would love to win this to make gifts this year…THANK YOU.

  100. Shannon Baas says:

    I am looking for a new laptop.

  101. North Face boots for my daughter, hunting stuff for the guys. This machine looks awesome would love to win it.

  102. Silhouette iron on vinyl!!

  103. I need a new laptop and some cute shoes!

  104. Kitchen pots and pans

  105. Christina P says:

    I hoping to find deals on clothing for the whole family.

  106. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m hoping to find a great deal on a desktop computer for my teen sons.

  107. I am hoping to find great deals on picture frames and mirrors!

  108. I’m shopping for deals on crafting supplies :)

  109. kayla ruark says:

    Havent determined my shopping list yet, but would love to win this Silhouette, so I could make some gifts.

  110. melissa Resnick says:

    i would love a new camera

  111. Susan Chester says:

    I am looking for deals for toys for my grandchildren and pajamas for everybody else.

  112. Im looking for a camera for my mohter.

  113. amber colemire says:

    A new latop and ps4

  114. I’ll be shopping for electronics & children’s clothing. hoping to find good deals on both.

  115. Elizabeth Ferrell says:

    Would love to find a deal on a bathroom remodel, but I have a feeling that i will be buying bits at a time from the home improvement store.

  116. clothes and tools for my husband

  117. I”m hoping for a deal on a new phone

  118. Crafting supplies , beads, and charms

  119. a tablet and silhouette

  120. I’m shopping for the Skylanders Swamp force and a tablet!

  121. Thank you for the chance to win a Silhouette Cameo. Would love to win it to make gifts and cards.

  122. Bailey Wind says:

    Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!

  123. I would love to make some iron-on vinyl t-shirts for the family along with other projects! Thanks!

  124. Love the ornament! I’m hoping for some good deals on electronics, as we’re all looking to upgrade.

  125. I looking for deals on a Furby Boom and a GPS.

  126. I’m hoping the Beauty supply house had a deal on their Flat Irons because mine has a short in it and I’m afraid of frying my hair!

  127. I am shopping for the cameo and looking for the best deal….would love to win this

  128. I am looking for the best deal on the cameo…would love to win this

  129. Brittany Thomas says:

    I’m shopping for kids toys and deals on those are always great.

  130. Who would not want to win the CAMEO, would be a great Christmas gift.

  131. I’ve got one wanting a kindle, another wants to be surprised, and another wants girlie hair stuff. They are easy kids. I’m the one who wants a Silhouette.

  132. Sonya Morris says:

    I am hoping to find deals on laptops for my oldest girls because their computer is held together by tape.

  133. Sonya Morris says:

    I am shopping for toys for my smallest ones and hoping to find some good deals on techie stuff for my older kids.

  134. how funny… as the deal i want to catch is a silhouette

  135. amy pugmire says:

    I would love a cameo and some leap pads for my kids.

  136. Looking for a laptop, iphone, silhouette cameo

  137. An ipad mini and toys for the kids.

  138. Just the Cameo!! :D

  139. I’ll be hunting for Silhouette deals for extra blades, vinyl, cutting mats, etc

  140. The one thing I may be looking for a good deal on is a PS3, it’s all my son has asked for and while it’s not one I would normally do I may just cave on this one…

  141. I’m hoping to find a deal on some ipod touch accessories

  142. I am shopping for a Cameo so this would help mark it off my list

  143. I don’t know of any high priced items I am buying this season, but I would still like to find great deals on toys for my son and also a digital picture frame for my mom! I really really really want a silhouette but I know I can’t afford it right now lol.

  144. hmmm I don’t see my comment showing up so I am going to try one more time to see if this works. I dont think I am buying any high priced items but I would like to find good deals on kids toys for my son and a digital picture frame for my mom.

  145. I’m shopping for a nice watch for my husband.

  146. Tari Lawson says:

    I will be out black friday to get a deal on Skylanders swap force.

  147. I’m shopping for electronics for my husband and a Barbie house for my daughter :)

  148. I would be so lucky!

  149. Jennifer Dunaway says:

    I’m shopping for a video camera for my daughters and a kindle for my son. Hopefully I’ll get great deals on them.

  150. I’m shopping for a cameo and and have been looking at the ads for the best deal on Black Friday. And, of course some toys for a couple of boys!

  151. This is on my Christmas list!!

  152. I’ve got the Cameo on my wish list. Would be great to win one. Love the ornaments. Thanks for chance to win.

  153. Amber Trepkowski says:

    I am looking for good deals on leap pad games for my kiddo.

  154. Would love a new Cameo for Christmas!!!

  155. Computers, tablets and LEGOs are at the top of our list.

  156. OK, who else is looking for fencing equipment? I need some fencing shoes, preferably on sale!!

  157. Denise Luscan says:

    This is on MY wish list but I am mostly looking for gifts for my son. He is almost five and wants EVERYTHING! I have to think of the things I think he will really use and enjoy since he has far too much stuff already!

  158. wendy rozema says:

    i’m looking for a deal on a tablet!

  159. I’m hoping to find a deal on some appliances and electronics for the home we’ll be moving into.

  160. Gricelda Castro says:

    A kitchen AId

  161. I’m shopping for ideas! I usually have most of my shopping done by now, but I am way behind. Love the ornament!

  162. I am hoping to find a good deal on pots and pans for Christmas.

  163. I’m looking to find a good deal on any crafting supplies! We typically make most of our gifts

  164. Heather Rachael says:

    We are shopping for childrens items, toys etc.

  165. Always looking for great deals!!

  166. A vtech innotab and a train table for my 3 yr old, also I carhart coat for my husband!

  167. Gabrielle Marshall says:

    My niece wants a Vtech Innotab 3S, so that’s at the top of my list!

  168. a new coat, digital camera, and cookware.

  169. We would have so much fun with this gadget!

  170. Ellen Casper says:

    Shopping for an ipad and cowboy boots

  171. I am looking for a deal on a Cameo for myself, an ipod touch 5th generation and something clever for 18 month old boy. Thanks to your Lego Friends deals and the Walmart pre black Friday info, I have most of my shopping done:)

  172. I have the original Silhouette, would love the Cameo!

  173. I’m pregnant, so I need all baby stuff!

  174. Ashley Outland says:

    This year, I’m shopping for a bicycle and cookware!!

  175. I am always looking for a deal on DVDs and Seasons on DVD. This year, my son wants a Kindle White.

  176. nHonestly, my only real plan was to find a good deal on a Silhouette Cameo – no joke! But, I do need to shop for a new grill and grill-ware, so I’m up for suggestions for something that will fit on the small back porch of a townhouse.

  177. The Cameo machine will an excellent gift for working with my grandaughters. Thanks for your web.

  178. Kristi Bundick says:

    Super excited to try and win a Silhouette. So many things to do with it.

  179. Shopping for shoes for myself and my daughter, trying to find deals on them!!

  180. Karlie Johnson says:

    i would love to get a good deal on a bed frame and bedspread!

  181. I would love to find a good deal on crafting supplies for Christmas. I would like to make gifts this year!

  182. The Cameo is at the top of my list this Christmas!

  183. hope to find some 3d movies

  184. Legos and Electronic Gadgets (ipods etc) are the deals I’m looking for this year!! :)

  185. Google Nexus 7 (the new one) for my husband!

  186. I’d love to find a good deal on a camera and a bike for my 9 year old!

  187. Clothing for me of course, and then all of the things on my family’s wishlists!

  188. I am looking for toys and clothes for my grandsons!

  189. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’m keeping my eye open for a great deal on a camera for myself.

  190. We’re shopping for smaller things this year, still spending the same amount but wanting to get more for our money, toys mainly.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  191. Violin and Cello bows are on my list for my kiddos!

  192. Happy Thanksgiving! Would love this for Christmas gifts!

  193. I would love to own a cameo… I have several projects that I’m eager to start on !!!

  194. I am shopping for legos and would really like good deals on them

  195. I am really excited to be updating my childhood doll house to give to my daughter

  196. Jennifer Rice says:

    I’m looking for Lego City Lego’s for my son!

  197. Toys for my daughter and electronics for me and my husband. ;)

  198. I only have a couple items left, Disney Inifinity for Wii, a Train Table and not for christmas but a new slow cooker!

  199. would love love to own a cameo!!

  200. I would love to find a great deal on a new TV!!

  201. Danielle Fouts says:

    toys for my kids mostly :)

  202. I am hopping to find a great deal on a tablet for my son. Also looking for some deals on young mens cloths.

  203. an elliptical

  204. I’ll be shopping for fabric, clothes and books!

  205. I am really hoping to get a Silhouette Cameo this winter season! I hope I win or get a great deal this Black Friday on one!

  206. I really want a color laser printer.

  207. Renee Richesin says:

    What a great crafting machine! Love the Santa ornament. Those would be quick and easy gifts.

  208. Cynthia P T says:

    The kids are hoping for iPhones for Christmas… Would love a deal on those!

  209. KMichelleC87 says:

    I am looking for a bow for my 8 year old son who has recently taken an interest in archery


  210. Mary Calabrese says:

    I’m shopping for gift cards so no bargains there! :(

  211. Clinton Rorick says:

    I want to make a full suit of Halo Pepakura armor!!!

    – Ace -

  212. This looks SO AMAZING

  213. I am still waiting for my kid’s wish lists. I know I will need to start stocking up on batteries!

  214. Happy holiday everyone. Have a safe one.

  215. I don’t really have anything specific to look for yet as far as gifts. My goodness I would ADORE a Cameo.

  216. I’m hoping to find a good deal on a serger this holiday season.

  217. no bargains, lots of gift cards!

  218. I’m shopping for a kids drum set for my daughter.

  219. Carol Douglass says:

    With mostly teenage grand children to buy for , I guess it is gift cards!

  220. danielle Marie says:

    for me it is clothes and maybe electronics. havent thought about it.

  221. joseph gersch says:

    i am shopping for walmart cards

  222. Debbie Palmer says:

    I would love to have a cameo under my Christmas tree this year.

  223. A Cameo would be awesome to have. Great blog & I really like the ornament. What a nice gift it would make for Christmas.

  224. Karen Matlock says:

    I’m looking for a play kitchen for my grandsons!

  225. I am looking for deals for my kids’ presents!

  226. I am shopping for a good bag for a laptop and other work items that is both wheeled and has a shoulder strap.

  227. I’ll be shopping for a Cameo if I don’t win one!

  228. I am hoping to find a deal on a rock tumbler this year.

  229. I need to find a deal on a treadmill and a sewing machine.

  230. I would love to win the Cameo – it’s the only thing on my list this year!

  231. Beats headphones and a Cameo!

  232. I’m hoping to find an awesome deal on a new camera. Ours is on the out… Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. Melissa NEWMAN says:

    I am shopping for a Cameo for sure! And Imaginext Toys for my 4 year old!

  234. Mary Ann McNabb says:

    Looking for unique / fun gifts for family and friends this year. Stuff they never expected. Plus a Cameo for me would be an added bonus!

  235. I’m trying to find deals on clothing for my Children and some of the bigger expensive toys, like a play kitchen!

  236. mostly baby items for my new grandaughter

  237. I would be thrilled to win the Cameo!!!

  238. I would love to find a good deal on a new tv

  239. Wonderful giveaway!!!

  240. Charity Murray says:

    Hoping to find a great deal on a Cameo and Canon T3i. :)

  241. ordered our ipad mini–still need a laptop and blu-ray player!

  242. Looking for a good deal on a new TV!

  243. I’m looking for an awesome deal on a sewing machine!

  244. What a wonderful Christmas gift this would be!

  245. I am shopping for a camera!

  246. I am looking for a good deal on a tablet and furniture.

  247. What a great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!

  248. Karrie Millheim says:

    I am hoping to find a good deal on tools and cookware

  249. The cameo sale, a Nexus and clothes.

  250. Jenni Heath says:

    My kids have asked for some dvds, books, art supplies, a tv and a phone. A Cameo is on my list lol. It would be nice to win one so I can afford more for the kiddos. Thanks for the giveaway.

  251. I’ve already done most of my christmas shopping, but I’m still hoping to pick up some of the more expensive pieces of clothing and accessories my daughter wants – but on sale!

  252. I’m hoping to find a good remote control car for my boys

  253. The Cameo would inspire many new projects. This is an awesome giveaway that I hope to win.

    I’m also looking for great deals on unique and educational gifts for my four grandchildren, all under the age of 6.

  254. I’m hoping to find a PS4, but I’m not expecting any kind of bargain on this.

  255. I am hoping to get a deal on video games :)

  256. Jennifer Mass says:

    Cameo…Cameo…Cameo, wherefore art thou Cameo!
    I would love to own a Cameo!

  257. I am looking for good deals on pajamas. My daughter has outgrown all of hers, so I need those!

  258. The items I’m shopping for and hoping to find a deal on this holiday season is the Silhouette…
    if I don’t win… Hopefully, I do!!
    That’s NUMBER 1 on my list!!
    Other than that maybe some jeans, boots & gifts for others :)

  259. rebecca boster says:

    i am looking for tablets. :) thanks for this amazing giveaway

  260. I have three kids all diferent ages so I am shopping for a varied number of items. The girls all do love crafts so I will probably hit Michael’s or AC Moore.

  261. maybe after winning cameo i would but lots of diy projects…..

  262. Kathy Luman says:

    I’m looking for toys. Nothing particular but some on sell and at great prices.

  263. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I hope to find some good deals on Legos and Bikes!!

  264. Looking to buy a decent tablet

  265. Karen Gonyea says:

    This year it’s all about household items for my 19 year old who just got her first apartment, some getting ready to graduate items for my 18 year old and lots of electronics for my 8 year old !!!

  266. Judy Chapman says:

    I am hoping to find good deals on toddler toys, ipods (daughter broke her screen) and xbox games.

  267. I am really hoping to find some good deals on bedding and linens.

  268. Brittney House says:

    I would love to make some custom labels!

  269. This would make a great gift! Thank you for the giveaway!

  270. Moriah Pertner says:

    I’m looking for bargains on homeschool supplies – and the Silhouette Cameo would really whip out some amazing learning tools – and Montessori-inspired toys for my two girls, ages 2 and 4.

  271. tina reynolds says:

    What an awesome giveaway so many ideas going through my mind. I am planning on shopping for a tv with the smartapps if I can find a budget friendly one

  272. Holli Joren says:

    I’m not really sure what I’m shopping for yet….. maybe some clothes/accessories for family members.

  273. I will be shopping for a new TV

  274. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    I am looking for deals on flat screen TVs

  275. I am shopping for clothing gifts, coffee gifts and toys this year

  276. I love the ornament you made – gives me lots of ideas. I’m shopping for a new laptop and a good deal on a Nook or Kindle.

  277. Richard Hicks says:

    I like shopping for electronics and looking for a good deal on a TV sound bar

  278. Shopping for deals on a digital camera and scrapbook supplies.

  279. Looking for deals on tools for work.

  280. Due to major financial changes, I am not shopping this year. It’s a good thing that gifts do not have to come from one’s wallet!

    This is an amazing give away! Whomever wins will be one extremely happy person!

  281. Angela Cash says:

    I am shopping for a lot of electronics this year. I am hoping to find a deal on a Nexus 7 tablet for my mom and a new TV for myself.

  282. I want this so badly!

  283. Thanks for a great giveaway. I’m looking for a deal on a nice art easel for my daughter.

  284. Lisa Vanhook says:

    Looking for a deal on a new vacum cleaner…

  285. Elizabeth Keller says:

    This is sn awesome machine would love yo have one!!!!!!!

  286. Your ornament turned out absolutely beautiful! I love it. I’m glad you decided to try making your own floating ornament.


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