Sizing on Garnet Hill Ruffled Knit Tier Tank Dress

garnet hill tiered knit dress

I wrote a post last week about these adorable ruffled knit tier dresses from Garnet Hill. I had a bunch of questions from you all about sizing since these only come in full sizes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help you all much because we have never owned this dress either.

I ordered the dresses last week for my girls and they came super quick. I ordered M (my oldest) a size 8. She is abut 51 inches tall and 54 pounds.  I ordered I (my youngest) a size 6 and she is about 46 inches and 45 pounds. As you can see from the picture above, they fit perfectly and are super super cute!

I consider these to be the perfect super dress because it can be dressed up or is casual enough to throw on over a swimsuit. It is knit so easy to care for which I love. Plus it costs just $28.

Please excuse the wrinkles in the dress in the picture. My girls tried these on right after we pulled them out of the box. I think they look super cute but I do know that I am biased. :)


  1. Megan says

    Wondering if you still had these dresses? I’m on the hunt for one for my twirly, tier loving daughter and your Size 8 would be perfect! Please let me know :) Megan

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