ZipBin Sale- Lego Storage, Toy Storage and Play

The prices on these have dropped even more. These are the lowest prices ever on Amazon!!!


I am a HUGE fan of ZipBins. Not only do they give toys a specific place to go and be cleaned up, they also have a play feature making them dual purpose.  They only thing better than ZipBins are ZipBins on sale!!!  These would be great to pick up to have on hand for birthday party gifts. This gift would be a hit with kids and parents alike!



Neat-Oh!? LEGO? Star Wars ZipBin? Battle Bridge 500 Brick Storage Case – Marked down from $19.99 to $7.67 $7.34!!! 

Whether you’re fighting the Separatist Droid Army or simply packing your defeated enemies away for another day of galactic battle, the LEGO® Star Wars™ ZipBin® Battle Bridge Carry Case & Playmat makes the perfect storage bin for Clone Troopers, Sith Lords and Jedi Knights. Use the suspended battle bridge to gain the advantage over the enemy too. Weighs only one pound and wipes clean with a damp cloth. LEGO Bricks and Minifigures not included. Ages 3+. ZipBin® Keep it Together™. © 2012 The LEGO Group. © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM

Key Features:

• Can hold up to 1400 bricks, figures or other toys – and provides easy access to them all
• Is both a toy-storage case and a two-level play arena
• Has a handle for portability
• Made from highest-quality, durable, easily-cleaned materials
• Tested to the most stringent quality and safety standards


Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels ZipBin Ramp It Up! 100 Car Tote w/ 1 Car – Marked down from $17.99 to $ 8.30  Now $7.38!!! 

This racing themed case displays speeding Hot Wheels cars all over the exterior and an awesome roadway ramp folds out from the interior. Weighing only one pound, this case unzips to lay flat. Discover crisscrossing roads, bridges, tunnels, and jumps. Fold the jumps so that cars go veering off course, into each other, and through the winding map. The included Hot Wheels car fits inside perfectly along with hundreds more! Hit the road! Ages 3+. ZipBin Products – Keep it Together.



Neat-Oh! ZipBin Doll House Bring-Along Backpack (Colors and Styles Of Doll May Vary) – Marked down from $22.99 to $10.80. Now $8.88!!!! 

Keep your fantasy kingdom with you at all times with the ZipBin Princess Bring-Along Doll House Backpack! The castle walls invite you inside by unzipping into a beautiful courtyard. Unzip the Backpack to find a two story doll house with a slide that leads into a swimming pool! It’s the perfect way for a princess to travel with space for more! When it’s time for your kingdom to move, the castle zips up, capturing the toys inside for easy clean up with soft sides and adjustable straps. This playset includes 1 beautiful 4″ doll. Easy to clean – wipe with a damp cloth. Have fun and decorate your room with all of our Neat-Oh! Princess products.


Check out all the ZipBin Toys here!  Lots more are on sale.  This is a great time to buy presents ahead at bargain prices!!!