Ubooly Plus Discount & FREE Shipping – Smart Stuffed Animal

ubooly discount free shipping


If you are looking for a fun unique toy for a holiday gift, then you want to check out Ubooly. He is a super cute plush animal that interacts with kids and uses an iPod Touch or iPhone as it’s brains. It was featured on the Today Show yesterday. This actually looks much much cuter to me than Furby.

Ubooly is fully functional without in-app purchases. New content is delivered every month to owners of the Ubooly toy, for free! Ubooly is recommended for children age 4-9. However, even my 10 year was begging for one after seeing this video below.

What is even better is that when you shop through the link on this page you can get $5 off Ubooly PLUS FREE shipping.  That brings the price down to $24.86 per Ubooly shipped. This works on multiple Uboolys all in one order. This is a great price.


Ubooly is regularly priced at $29.95 plus $5 shipping. So this is a great price on one of these super cute smart stuffed animals.

Get Ubooly for $5 Off  & FREE Shipping Today.

If you want to learn more how Ubooly works, just watch this video. A word of warning though… don’t watch it with your kids if you don’t want to buy it. I may just know from experience LOL.

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